White Stones-Kuarahy album review.

White Stones-Kuarahy album review.

This album is a band/project for Opeth's bassist Martin Mendez and to be perfectly frank I'd take this over most of Opeth's albums. Heavily sublime in every way, it's equal parts grim death metal and atmospheric soundscape. I had little expectations of this really and adored it by the end of my first listen. The different stylized genres that drip feed in and out were magical; bits of doom, prog, and down-tuned death metal all interwoven in amazingly well-written tracks with epic journeys from start to end. The musicianship is top tier and all ten tracks were overwhelming. A truly great album that growls and smothers you with it's dark and foreboding tone. Chuck this in your eardrums pronto!!!.

Out now on Nuclear Blast.


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