Irist-Order of the Mind album review.

Irist-Order of the Mind album review.

Heavy, Epic, Masterful and Original is the message of Irist's debut album. It is like Dillinger Escape Plan crossed with Sepultura. Hard to imagine, but it works perfectly. It also has some touches of peak Fear Factory as well. So basically aggressive post-hardcore/metal landscapes abound. Many songs have rollercoaster-like journeys that grips the listener firmly. Guitarwork is skillful and never overdone, vocal finesse was very apparent and every track is dense and gloomy. For a debut album, it is incredible because of the top tier level of songwriting throughout this stellar release. Most tracks were catchy as hell and mosh worthy. And whilst this album is instantly likable, it just grows on you with each listen. There is sufficient variety across the album to make each track unique and this is a band that will produce multiple substantial albums as well as slaying live. Don't hesitate BUY THIS PRONTO!!!.

Out now On Nuclear Blast.


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