Slime: Wem gehoert die Angst album review.

Slime: Wem gehoert die Angst (Who Owns Fear) album review.

Slime is a german punk institution that has consistently addressed social issues and promoted activism. This is their 8th album and it's solid as fuck. Whilst I cannot understand German, I was drawn by the catchy and punchy tracks. The pace is like the peak of old school street punk like The Business or Cockney Rejects or fellow comrades Die Toten Hosen. The whole album has great variety and I dug how it bounced from straight punk to post-punk to folk-punk or even hard rock. They are quality players to carry this off so proficiently. I can imagine this would be a great band to pogo to whilst downing several pints. But the outstanding lyrical quality adds more to these really well-written songs. Great album.