The Reek of Surgical Greatness; Interview with Bill Steer of extreme metal gods, Carcass.

The Reek of Surgical Greatness; Interview with Bill Steer of extreme metal gods, Carcass.

Carcass is an absolute killer band with albums that have truly defined and expanded the extreme metal genre. But with each album, it is the progression was been brutally beautiful. And their catalog ticks all the boxes, if you prefer goregrind, technical or melodic death metal and everything in between Carcass is an essential choice. 

And 2013's Surgical Steel is IMHO their best album, it pretty much combines everything they did prior and pushed the boundaries even further. Aggressive songs, technical brilliance, some punk/thrash vibes, and vocal magnificence. Plus the whole release sounds like it's their best songs on steroids and not a dull moment on it.

But with Carcass, the focus is always the next album and their unbeatable proficiency on the live battlefield. Carcass is coming for Download Australia 2020 next month as well as some sideshows.
We interviewed the legend that is Bill Steer of the band and it did not disappoint. His reflections on the band's progression beginnings, the need to always move forward, the modern music industry and most excitedly the new album scheduled this year were all excellent and we were impressed by the genuine spirit of this true artist.

Here are the tour dates:

March 20 - Melbourne, Download Festival
March 21 - Sydney, Download Festival
March 24 - Hobart, Altar
March 25 - Brisbane, The Triffid
March 26 - Adelaide, Lion Arts Factory
March 28 - Perth, Slayfest for all details

Listen to their new single:

(the new album drops August 7 Hell Yes!!!!) 

Download Australia 2020 is just around the corner, so grab those tickets and embrace the heaviness of this music we love.

Grab those tickets here for heavy greatness: