Tongue Scum. Callously Formed. FFO: Insane grind/PV.


Tongue Scum. Callously Formed. FFO: Insane grind/PV.

Fuck me dead, this is blistering intense grind/PV of the highest order. It also has some cool death metal vibes; but the theme is fast pace, hectic, well-written brutality.
I think this is the best thing Sir Frank Grudge has ever done!!!.

Add some sublime production from Luke at DangerTone studios and you have one of the best EPs of the year.

Shit starts off maddened like Napalm Death on meth, the pace and attack of Shut Up and Listen is like straight chillies up your genitals. The main underlining riff is gripping and Frank's barking vocals combined with warlike drums give you an instant taste of this extreme release. Error in Lyf, has more expanse to its overall sound, but is super assaultive and deranged by both tempo and straight intensity levels. This great track also has an awesome dramatic ending I loved. Rivers of Scorn is THE track of this release, it has convincing death metal influence that meets PV straight on the Autobahn in a head-on. The middle has a brilliant sludgy section, that was wondrous, unexpected and a cool balance to the general chaotic style of the band. 
No Fear No Pain also has a cheesy riff to start that suckered me in and turns savage quickly and the band gets away with no bass as the guitar is so compelling on each track. This like the last track has moments of brief tempo change that make sure your interest is nailed to this EP, the black metal vibe near the end was sweet as well. Track 5 is Prestige or Parasite, this has an underground PV vibe that is intense and chunky, this is another highlight of the release as the vocals and riffs get so dominating and agonizingly heavy. The title track closes events and it is a hellish ripper of a song. It starts like Slayer meets Morbid Angel and goes bonkers with almost mathcore perfection. That chuggy breakdown riff was solid and so memorable. And it is hard to believe the intense-o-meter explodes by the end of the track, as everything goes wild at the end. And I loved it. More bands are needed like this, original and so hectic!!!, what a top-class release from this band.

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