Brawler-Hard Truths EP. FFO: Nasty, Killer Beatdown.

Wow, 1054 Records is firing hard over the last few years and this is another beast in their weapon cabinet. I really dig bands that mix up the metal with extreme hardcore so seamlessly. Especially when beatdown can be dull as hell, a bit like the mediocre sound of many hardcore bands from Australia, with a few exceptions. This is way better, NZ's hardstyle cunts settle all scores with this ripper of a release. Not sure of the band's history but there are exceptionally tight and the song structures are intelligent, whilst being as meatheady as we want from this genre. I want fat riffs and caveman moshy bits that destroy my ears and make me want to kick cunts in the face. 

But there is heaps of variety in between the mad samples, brutal riffs and drums and vicious vocals, plus it has guest vox from XILE on the excellent Pay the Price, so quit complaining you dickheads. Talk is Cheap is as wild and the title track is super death metal influenced and has brilliant tempo changes. Well recommended and a highlight of hardcore from our region.
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