Album Reviews: Persecutor, Fury of Five, Sleaford Mods, Dyoxidon...FFO: Quality music!!!


Album Reviews: Persecutor, Fury of Five, Sleaford Mods, Dyoxidon.

FFO: Hardcore, UK Grimness(?) and Industrial extremity.

You know the drill, straight up no bullshit reviews like the zines of old. No fancy writing, just straight-up facts. Four killer releases here, all bangers!!!.

Persecutor-Babylon's Ashes EP. This is my fave EP of the year, the band has some killer people in it including Tyronne of the legendary band Rebirth fame. But this is a completely different style for him, this is unhinged and venous powerviolence in the style of Hatred Surge, Infest and the like; as rightfully so political as fuck. The energy is high, and the songs are all short and killer. All powerful tunes with brilliant lyrics and all sounds like the type of underground 7 inches distros like Spiral Objective would consistently drop. This is utterly necessary and mind-blowingly hectic, and one of the best Aussie Hardcore EP's in ages. Support them hard:

Fury of Five-Half Past Revenge EP. Yes, Pure NY, ok Jersey Hardcore, straight up no bullshit hardcore. This is well-produced and chunky as fuck. Five tracks of nasty, groovy and immense hardcore-every track is a winner and equal parts Biohazard and well FoF because these cats have been kicking since 1990 and this EP shows they have zero intention of fading away. Highlights are Feel the Reign and W.A.R. but every track is classic. Hope they drop a new album of this, wow, there is no weakness here, classic as fuck hardcore, the riffs, lyrics, everything is perfect. watch this and support these cats hard!!! 

Sleaford Mods-Uk Grim. Now if you wonder why this is here, it's as punk as any nasty sociopolitical gem released in the last the 20 years, guitars-nope but mad beats and lyrics to equal CRASS or a post-punk band with balls. 
This acidic commentary is brilliant, and catchy and has the vibe of darkness meets a nightclub in the Uk where you could get stabbed. Yes, I loved every track of this-these punky depressant dance-heads are awesome-this is very PIL meets underground techno and this is a very worthwhile use of your time-a band that just gets better and better. Highlights: the title track, Force Ten from Navarone, I Claudius or pretty much any track. Classic band and another brilliant album!!!. Plus it has Perry Farrell on it!!!

Dyoxidon- The Decaying Universe album. Wow, this blew me away and even wilder is that this is all created by one guy. This is a brilliant mix of Death Metal, Industrial and Black Metal. The soundscape it creates is like a brooding sci-fi atmosphere that is equally heavy and moody with an underlying dark electronic tone. The vocals are super underplayed, but the musicianship is wild, quite technical and a great mix/fusion of genres. This album serves more as a weird arse soundtrack or background atmosphere, than one that you jump to certain tracks. This is by no means a criticism; it's how it sits audio-wise for me. The album is an epic effort, but given the track lengths-I would encourage more variety and potentially bring the vocals higher up in the mix. But this comes highly recommended and this is as non-mainstream as possible. Enjoyable and heavy as hell. Listen and buy this gem.