Black Monroe-Mid 20's album review.

Black Monroe-Mid 20's album review.

FFO: Melodic, catchy, and rad peak-era Fat Wreck Chords/Epitaph punk/hardcore gold!.

For a band that hasn't even been kicking for a full year, this three-piece melodic punk ensemble has done a lot in a small time. Like: played some killer gigs locally, as well as solid festival lineups and an interstate tour. And put out both a sensational debut EP and just recently released this solid as fuck album, Mid 20's. Not bad, no sir you got it way wrong, these guys are killing it. And again, I give my repeated sermon that 2020 is an awesome year for Australian music. Black Monroe is the torchbearer for melodic punk rock. These guys have the potential to be as huge as Bodyjar or Frenzal Rhomb, why because they know how to write epic, catchy anthems with amazing vocals, and songs that hit the spot every time. This improves on the foundation that was present on their debut EP, but moves more towards a heavier and most accomplished sound that echoes the peak albums of the gold Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph it NOFX, Pennywise, No Use for a Name, Alkaline Trio or others. I actually like the musical move away from almost pop-punk on some of the tracks on the first release to a more aggressive and chunky skate punk/ emo hardcore vibe. The strong, anthemic melodies are still there, but everything is more dynamic and festival-worthy. No tracks slack off at all and the production is as punchy as this genre should be. Impressive and it's exceptionally exciting what this band will do in the future because most bands don't show this much skill until their third album and that's for the top tier bands. 

Highlights: Devil's Sister, Fuck You, and System(this particular track showcases how incredible this band is to this writer)- all energetic ragers with all the hooks and singalongs any decrepit punk could want. But any track is well worth your time. Just be prepared to have this album on constant repeat.

Give this album a solid listen and support this great band.