Warrior Pope-Mellified Man album review.

Warrior Pope-Mellified Man album review.

FFO: Deep toned and psychotic doom metal.

Again like a record I keep flipping over for its greatness, I will repeat 2020 is a fantastic year for heavy music. Warrior Pope is an incredible experimental doom metal act from Bristol that is exceptionally original and damn great at the sonic madness they are creating. This is their first album with vocals and to my ears, it certainly adds an increased layer of aggression. The vocals are somewhere between Deafheaven's vocal style and also head nods to Sabbath and Mayhem equally. The 7 track album is so solid because it just flows so damn well, indeed all musicians are terribly masterful in their individual acts, but it just sounds like a tight band. This is the difference between a good and a great album. It's a grim album, exceptionally dark and morbid as fuck; yet dynamic as hell. They are tagged as amplifier worship, how apt a tag. Guitars rip right through you on every track same as the bombastic drum and bass glory present. Add the element of songs that are never dull, mental vocals and you have a killer album of monumental proportions. Nothing average here, even remotely. Solid, epic doomy metal excellence.

Highlight: Saponification Process-just hectic, doom metal craftsmanship and catchy as hell!!!.

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