Ripped Away-Redemption Strike EP review by Mark Jenkins.

Ripped Away-Redemption Strike EP review by Mark Jenkins.

A few weeks Upstate Records dropped this absolute killer EP from Ripped Away. Three tracks, but hey when music is that fierce and raw and abrasive, you got to say "Hells yes".

This is the best EP the writer has heard in ages. I dig the breakdowns as much as the solid beatdown influence on the overall sound, however this is not like those boring generic beatdown bands from europe(well 90%) that are duller than dishwater. The EP has a much more dynamic sound than their previous EP "Lessons Thru Pain" that dropped in August last year. that was certainly very decent, but sounded flat. This is probably much closer to what the band sounds like live I imagine.

The vocals are much more intense and the song structures more definitive. All three tracks are solid as fuck and also real catchy tunes. For me, Strength in Numbers was the real standout; the hooks and vibe was excellent and the incredible. I love this song and can relate to these stellar lyrics:

"There comes a time In all of our lives When you realize you can’t win every fight All hope is lost and nothing feels right Don’t listen to the thoughts creeping in at night Don’t let your struggles define you This world will go on with or without you I’ve always been against the odds That’s just life for me These Days Of our lives it’s a constant hustle But we’ve learned to survive Standing above all Watching the weak fall With strength in numbers Reigning over all Strength in numbers"

Grab your copy from Upstate records.