Interview with Erik Danielsson of Black Metal Gods WATAIN

Watain Interview By Mark Jenkins.
2019 is already heating up as a sensational year for amazing tours.
On the eve of Watain's third Australian tour, we had the honor of interviewing an all-around incredible and articulate guy, Erik Danielsson of Black Metal royalty, Watain.

Their incredible album, Trident Wolf Eclipse dropped one year ago and is a certified metal masterpiece. If you missed this album, suss it out; it will literally blow your mind in every sense. Well written and it wastes no time drawing you in and maintaining your interest on its brutal journey. It's a rip snorter.

Our chat with Erik was really great and his passion just shows with every brilliant answer he thoughtfully provided.

Enjoy our chat, it's certainly a favorite of ours!!

The Australian tour kicks off next month, it will deliver on every level. Don't miss this epic tour.


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