Voivod Interview with Away, talking new album, art and more. Plus The Wake album review.

Interview with Away, drummer and graphic artist from the metal gods, Voivod.

The writer always feels so lucky to interview both peers and straight up legends, but this one is special as Voivod are like no other in the best possible way.

Never boring and that perfect mix of progressive thrash with a punk attitude and going on fantastic tangents you'd never expect.

Here's the awesome chat with Away and this January 2019, you would be insane to miss one of the best bands in the last 30 years touring our continent.

Voivod- The Wake album review
This is Voivod’s 14th album and to be honest one of their best ever. It easily sits next to the greatness of Dimension Hatross and Nothingface. The Wake is 8 solid and well-composed tracks with the perfect mix of prog meets thrash with both a punk and psychedelic vibe. Quite simply, no one could predict 35 years in, such a stellar album could be released; like seriously besides Judas Priest’s latest just try and name a classic band that still delivers the goods so magnificently.

Obsolete Beings opens proceedings with aggression and skill, still not even giving you any clues to the sensational journey you are about to embark on.
The album thematically illustrates a bleak future due to both technology and perhaps man’s greed and it’s post apocalyptic slant is sensational.
Orb Confusion, Iconspiracy and Event Horizon demand your complete focused attention; but tbh what Voivod album doesn’t.

There are amazing mystique and incredible detail in each song and frankly incredible skill from the well-embedded and purposeful guitar work of Chewy as well as Rocky providing utterly top tier bass work. Away is always a powerful and accomplished drummer with so many skillsets and influences that simply leave 95% of his competition in the cosmic dust.

Sonic Mycelium is a 12 minute plus opus with so much crammed in, it’s hard to get your head around but so worth both your time and reflection. This track has to be heard to be believed, it’s dark, brooding, chaotic, anthemic, ambient and psychotic. And mind-blowing.  

2018 and Voivod are still unparalleled in their originality, skill, and greatness.
5/5 raging rocketships to the future.

Available now via Nuclear Blast/Century Media.
And just as important here are their Australian tour dates. 

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