Lacerhate-Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death album review and killer interview. FFO: Perfect mix of Hardcore/metal that will slay you.


Lacerhate-Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death album review and killer interview. FFO: Perfect mix of Hardcore/metal that will slay you.

This is a gem that you will play so many times, and both the songs and production will blow you away. Lacerhate drop their third album today and whilst their previous releases were epic and tough as nails, Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death is the album that will get them the attention they deserve. This is a melting pot of metal/hardcore that is so energetic and hard as fuck.


Lacerhate started out in 2008, in Cremona/Bergamo (Italy) as a metal/hardcore band influenced by the Punk/HC/Metal scene (bands like Hatebreed, Sepultura, Soulfly, All Shall Perish...).
After recording a self-titled four tracks demo in 2009, the band faced various line-up changes and finally, on February 2011, released the first official Ep “Reborn From Ashes?”: a six-track work that shifted their style towards a blend of crossover/hardcore. “Reborn From Ashes?” immediately gained the appreciation of both media and fans, and allowed the band to play around Italy.

The first Lacerhate Album called "Mass Distraction" was released through Revalve Records on October 27th, 2014 (with worldwide physical and digital distribution) and contains nine tracks of angry metal sound which recall bands like Hatebreed and Slayer, melted with their trademark of haunting riffworks and heavy rhythmic wall.

Over the years, LacerHate had the pleasure to share the stage with important names of the international metal/hardcore scene (Possessed, Arch Enemy, Walls of Jericho, Aura Noir, Thell Barrio, Death Before Dishonor...) and had the opportunity to play outside Italy (with gigs in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland).

So let's dive into this ripping album:

Dawn of the Black Season begins with a grim sample and this is one hectic start to a raging release. The bass alludes to some searing heat ahead and the tension is both well-placed and suitable given the intensity of the tracks coming. This album floors in so many ways. 15(Inhaled) immediately throat punches you with intensely acidic riffs mixed with a nuclear type of production on par with the best albums of Slayer or Hatebreed, and that is no exaggeration. The sound is so huge and menacing, and it makes even the longest songs seem to fly by. And this is a rare feat.

When you thought you may have some breathing room, dismiss that thought quickly as Dirty Flags comes in with a reoccurring theme of each song beating the crap out of you when you believed the previous song had already done that to the extreme with severe sonic violence and this track takes cues or quality influence from both Pantera and Biohazard, and also Lamb of God; thus creating tons of aggression mixed with monstrous groove. Puppets was the intro single for the album and it's so obvious why. It utilizes old-school punk/hardcore vibes blended with sharp, harmonic, and classic Hatebreed-type catchiness. Every track impresses me so strongly and this has a chorus that was so addictive and memorable. Also has a cool death metal underpinning that I love. Icky Drops is a weird title, but it is one that starts so competently with rhymic drums and bass, and this solid foundation of the band really lays the ground for an epic battle when you add aggressive guitars/vocals and everything bounces off each other in a brilliant fashion. This track was a massive highlight as it covers so many styles and highlights how skilled this band is. They do melody as perfectly as nasty music and the combinations they pull from their favored genres make for one hell of an experience. Interlude does as the label says and I loved the creepy, psychotic evil circus instrumental that leads directly into another forceful album highlight, that is chunky as hell, the glorious Gone. This reminds me of one of our all-time Italian faves, the hardcore gods Negazione. The brutality and intensity are laid on thick, it grabs your attention and would be a live favorite, no doubt!. 

Scum of the Earth follows and is also a great and compelling song with a huge Discharge like style and another clever showcase of the band. This rips so hard and the fast paced track mixes in groove, whilst showing absolute dedication to aggression.The guitars on this stood out strongly and the vocals were aptly acidic as hell. 

The title track closes out this hefty release and this surpirsed me as it seemed to have a cool Southern metal influence mixed with crunchy death metal and also some old school thrash shit i love like Slayer and classic Sepultura. Yes, this review is getting repeative, simply because I am running out of ways to simply say these guys are talented as hell and front to back this is a persuasive beast of a record.  Sensational is the key word here.

Suss the record out, and support these guys hard!!!

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then read our great interview with the band.

Lacerhate Interview:

Now we interview heaps of bands and some are decent, most are okay. I mean no one wants to just hear the standard dull bullshit, and this is what most bands do...dull, dull, dull, nothingness. But alas Lacerhate are not only great people, but really made an effort to respond to each question genuinely and on a deep level, and that(as if the gift of their amazing music wasn't enough) means everything to music fans everywhere. This is a solid gold interview, so take a read and support this great band.
Greetings my friends, Both your previous albums were very solid, but today you drop the scorching Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death which is a mindblowing release, you must be so excited about how it all came about? Give us the background to this very important release?

The pleasure is all ours, Mark! First of all, thank you so much for your nice words about our previous releases, we are very attached to them, since they truly represent the evolution of Lacerhate’s style throughout the years and we consider them as fundamental elements for our growth.

Thank you also for appreciating our upcoming album, we are simply stoked by your positive feedback and we really look forward to launching it! We had the luck and pleasure to find a good guy like Peter who really impressed us with his genuine passion and enthusiasm, so the decision to launch this album through his 10-54 records has been a natural step for us.

What has been happening for the band members since the previous release, both personally and musically? The album sounds very aggressive and really pissed off and whilst everyone has been effected deeply by the last few years, the anger on this is psychotic? I also wanted to compliment you on the top class production, I mean it sounds as a huge as a Slayer or Hatebreed album

Well, consider that approximately 8 years elapsed between the last release (“Mass Distraction”, 2014) and this new one, quite a long time…

After “Mass Distraction” was released we faced a tough period made of constant and numerous line up changes. Let’s say that we couldn’t find a stable lineup until 2017-2018, when Davide (Drums) and Ivan (Guitar) got on board. After that time we seriously started to think about making a new album. We were supposed to record it at the beginning of 2020 and then the Covid Outbreak screwed up our plans…

It was a hard time, especially at the beginning, with all the several lockdowns and so on, we couldn’t meet each other regularly in the rehearsal room for a very long time. But, if we may say so, we fondly remember those moments, because that’s when we decided that we should have stayed straight on our way, to complete and to bring this new album to life!

About the anger that you feel while listening to it… Sure we unconsciously conveyed in it all the frustration and powerlessness that we felt in such a horrible period, but most of the rage comes from the discomfort that everyone of us have inside, and it grows day by day when we realize all the shitty things that are happening in this sick world.

Thank you also from the bottom of our hearts for compliments about the production (seeing our name juxtaposed to such great bands it’s really exciting), we are very proud of it.

Stefano Santi (SPVN Studio), the sound engineer is a tough guy and truly knows his business! We immediately got in sync with him, and he immediately understood what we were looking for! A totally crushing wall of sound, both modern and natural approach, with meticulous attention to dynamics and details!

Talk us through some of the album’s themes/topics; and also some of your favorite tracks so and have many been road tested so far?

About the album themes/topics:

The starting point is what surrounds us, what we live every day. Music is our relief valve, it’s the fire where we burn our negative feelings that everyday life throws on us… is the means of expressing our dissent towards what we consider wrong, dark, critical.

The genre is suitable for this type of reflections, and lyrics are nothing more than an alarm cry, personal sometimes and general other times, who want to come as slaps in the face to wake up consciences, to free from numbness minds so used to always eating the same shit so much so that they find it tasty!

People die from diseases that would be treatable if money were spent on research and not on war (GONE)… ideologies brainwash you so much that you, blind, always see only one face of the coin (DIRTY FLAGS)… miserable people, lousy politicians, infatuate us with pretty and petty slogans, they treat us like puppets in their filthy hands, indoctrinate us, examine us, and if not suitables for their game they discard us(PUPPETS/SCUM OF THE EARTH)… we are against each other, instead to reach out to each other to stand in the storm (15-INHALED)… sometimes the desire to end it is so strong… the desire to wipe out pain and fear and swim through eternity… but the desire to resist, get up, and win is huge (ICKY DROPS)

And so, sadly, flows the blood of thousands of useless corpses, irrigating the vast plantation of lies, pulpy and succulent fruits to feed the idiots who mechanically devour them, greedily swallow, and stuffed smiles… so, hungry, shouting we call death, to free us from this inept, bleeding world (B.L.I.D).

Is not possible to find out our favourite track, we have strong feelings in everything we play, so we love each one of our songs ehehehe.

Yes, most of the songs have been already road tested so far and the feedback from outside was really positive!

How was it playing with Death Before Dishonor, that must have been a buzz even though you have historically played with some major bands like Arch Enemy, Nausea and Walls of Jericho?

Playing with Death Before Dishonor was really a blast! They are an awesome band!

We were supposed to play with them in Innsbruck (AT) in 2020, but after the Covid outbreak their tour and (of course) this show was continuously postponed. Finally this year the show was confirmed and also Oliver from Artillery Production (great guy who we will never cease to thank), confirmed our band as opening act.

Needless to say that the whole show itself was dope! We also had the pleasure to share the stage with Eternal Struggle (Israel) and Amplified Hate (Germany), really really great bands!

In these occasions, like when we played with other major bands, we had the opportunity to see also the human side of these people, being almost always surprised by their friendliness and brotherhoodness with the other bands.

Tell about the significant style change on this album, everything seems more amped up and aggressive and hits that perfect intersection of hardcore and metal, it also have some wicked and broad nostalgic influences like Nuclear Assault, Biohazard and even Discharge, at the same time nothing seems ripped off, its rather you have just soaked up some wide ranged extreme genres and really made every track pop!!!

It’s really hard to describe, Mark! There is nothing premeditated about the style change on this album, the new tunes came on their own with a natural process by mixing our musical backgrounds and the influences of each member, always keeping an eye on maintaining a personal trademark. Probably throughout the years we have become more and more able to master our music capabilities and to play with our instruments, learning from our strengths and our weaknesses. We also improved our ability to compose music by ourselves and we mixed this approach with the most classic one (jamming all together in the rehearsal room), but regardless of the composition method, everyone brings his own contribution to the songs. Inside the band everyone is fundamental.

Once the album drops what are your plans? A European tour? Maybe some intense videos given the tone and energy of this album?

Of course our intentions once the album is released is to promote it with live shows as much as possible, we are already planning some shows in Northern Italy for the next months and we would like to plan something cool in Europe within the next year 2023, perhaps more like mini tours as we did in the past, in order to match with our jobs and family constraints. About the video, yes! We are thinking about making a footage video of our upcoming release party, in order to launch another single soon!

By the way, our release party will be held in our hometown, Bergamo, on Nov 26th and we will share the stage with the mighty Total Recall (which you probably know, since they are our label bandmates of 10-54 records!) and Dark Tennis, from Bergamo.

What are some of your career highlights so far?

Having the honor to play with some of those major bands that you reported above was definitely one of our career highlights. It was really exciting and a great personal satisfaction sharing the stage with some important acts of the metal/hardcore scene. Consider that some of these bands were in heavy rotation in our bedroom stereos when we were just kids! That’s totally insane, considering that our band started to play in a rehearsal room in a scattered country village.

This album seems to be built on a strong drive and has so much authentic spirit and gusto to it, what pushes you on with this band? It almost seems like the band is welcoming a new dawn with the confidence evident on this album?

For sure the thing that pushes us on with this band is nothing but just pure passion for genuine and aggressive music, nothing else! We believe that the confidence that you strongly feel is the result of the chemistry created between us, especially with the current line up, which is something very hard to describe!

What music or films have caught your attention over the last few years?

We are music devourers Mark! We love everything that can hit you hard, regardless any music classification, of course we love old and new metal, old school and new school hardcore. Someone is more oriented to punk rock, somebody else to rap and again someone else is more into Italian art song.

We also like to listen to the underground bands we share the stage with and you know… there is more interesting music around than everyone can listen to!

We are not so passionate about movies: we like good movies but we are not following the movie industry so much.

Give us your ultimate gig with bands either current or past and why is each one so valued to you?

There are so many bands we like so it’s very very hard to choose a few of them. Maybe we all agree on Slayer, Hatebreed, Pantera, Sepultura, Korn, for all the influences they had on us.

Any messages to the fans and hardcore/metal community?

To the bands: put passion in everything you do, it doesn’t matter how good you are on your instrument, the most important thing is what you want to instill with your music. If you can instill people with positive feeling, you are bringing a strong message!

To everyone else: support your local scene! Go to the shows! We know it’s hard but remember that all your favorite bands come from the underground and your support is vital for everyone. Support music, not rumors and bullshit!

Go and listen to our new record, and if possible buy it!

To you Mark, thanks for your time, you don’t even know how we are pleased to have had this interview! We know that we live thousands miles away but if only we had the chance to shake your hand one day we will be the most pleased guys in the world!

Keep the HC and Metal flame alive! 10-54 fucking rules!

Thanks for the interview Homies…1054 baby!!!