Munitions-Black Wind EP. FFO: Thrashy, Hectic Blackened Death Metal.


Munitions-Black Wind EP. FFO: Thrashy, Hectic Blackened Death Metal. This four-track raging EP is excellent and shows the pedigree of the band in spades, and the release is confident and aggressively punchy. There is a cool wide range of styles and influences from great bands across the release; everything from Sodom, Kreator, and The Accüsed to Morbid Angel and Mindsnare.

Every track is quite different to the predecessor and that variety definitely holds the attention span, although it's not a lengthy release. But that impact really gets its teeth into you. The title track opens in a super and quite epic blackened metal style and both the riffs and wild vocals instantly make you a fan within 30 seconds. There are also some clever guitar solos and the drama really balances out the aggression/maddened pace. Latent Image equally is black metal centric in the beginning, and I really appreciate how a moody piece can move into thrashy chaos, but also with a nice old school raw blackened thrash tone that just cuts through so abrasively. The sheer experience of the band shines strong as the composition is solid and designed to get heads to snap off with the sheer barbaric catchiness evident. 

Machine Elves is another ripping track that slaughters from the get-go. It's a mega thrashy affair that is equal parts Swedish melodic death and straight-up old-school death metal and the vocals were a huge highlight on this. They just beg you to see the band live. Trueman is an exceptionally well-rounded closing track and is the most diverse track, a cool rollercoaster and an intelligent extreme music adventure. The twist and turns are dead appealing and the grimness is amped as hell across the track. And it really begs the question of when a full album will drop, as every track is extremely well thought out and memorable. Support this band hard and go see them live.

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