The Deathless-Audio Sangha Vol.1 EP review.


The Deathless-Audio Sangha Vol.1 EP review.

FFO: Pacey Old school hardcore and punk: Gorilla Biscuits, Ignition and other Discord records elite, Cro-Mags, 108 and sxe classic albums.

The Deathless is a classic hardcore band that is about to drop this perfectly balanced EP. They have played with the likes of 7 Seconds, Sick Of It All and Good Riddance. This is their second EP and every element builds on from the stellar debut release The Gates To The Deathless Are Open (which is well worth tracking down on vinyl). This masterly curated release has more diversity, increased aggression and just has that killer catchy punk rock melodic flair that evades most bands in the last decade or so. Audio Sangha Vol.1 is impeccable because it clearly delivers the goods by not sitting in one chosen lane of the hardcore genre. One moment like the rowdy opener 12 Tears it dives straight into the moshpit and then gut-punches you with a sublime vocal harmony that lodges deep into your memory, then Reflections (the album's absolute highlight) utterly convinces you of the band's high skill level by alternating from a caustic straightedge anthem style to an almost Helmet style vocal finesse that has the potential to be a car crash, but is instead a perfect tune for the ages. I loved the first EP, but this song absolutely made me crave to hear the full release. 

Lyrically the songs like Shelter,108 and even Cro-Mags to a small degree in the past, have incorporated spiritual wisdom into the songs(except it is the Buddhist flavour, not the Krishna variation). But none of it is preachy bullshit, it's like some legendary straightedge bands simply imparting advice and practical philosophy. The lyrics are also reflective and personal; be it references to sobriety or relationships. And musically this emotive force echoes over the whole release. I personally dig how this band isn't fearful of going melodic, like what the original emo hardcore actually sounded like; cast your mind back to incredible bands like Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty, Husker Du and Embrace who had the definitive heavy tone mixed with amazing harmony and lyrics that were actually punk as hell by being genuinely personal not generically anti-government. Ladell illustrates this beautifully by being a subtle mix of heartfelt lyrics, chunky riffs and brilliant song structure. We all know Joe sang for Fury 66 and is more than capable of delivering the goods, but this track also sincerely shines with its vocal excellence. The release also has killer fast tempo songs like Dancing with the Awake and I See U that are just catchy and make you want to mosh hard even in your lounge room; these are two tracks that would slay live; without any doubt. Three Gems is the glorious 2-minute closing anthem for this release and tricks you by starting off with a calming vocal sample that deviates into a Gorilla Biscuits type rager that then twists into an insane chanting chorus that absolutely floors you and is a brilliant end to a vividly diverse hardcore marvel. Nothing is boring, no time is wasted on filler-just solid songs and dynamic energy from start to end. Highly recommended!!!.

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