The Amenta-Revelator album review.


The Amenta-Revelator album review.

FFO: Experimental metal, diverse, deep, off the chart original.

The Amenta have been messing with our ears and minds for some time and we adore the effort and craftsmanship that is so apparent. Give this some time to breathe and you have an insane release for the ages. What is contained within the walls of this album is a deep canyon of pure unrestrained ugly and uncomfortable music. Revelator is a hard listen and demands the listener gives it the chance to sink in. Because there is so much to take in. This is the band's fourth release and easily their finest hour. Genre-wise it sits between many extreme metal slots; industrial, black metal, death metal and everything in between. Overall it is very heavy, yet emotive in it's atmospheric slower noise almost ambient moments. The album smothers and gut-punches you in various ways. Riffs slice you up and vocal brilliance confuses and amazes you. The uncertainty of each track makes it a total adventure of a release.

The main elements of this release are grimly macabre music that is very dynamic and the unique approach to each song has to be highly commended. Metal bands can be very generic, but this band choose to mix it up and not be afraid to push everything to the fringe. This shows in their artwork, videos and music. The lack of faked bullshit shines through, this level of artisanship is high and the band members really believe in their work and refuse to be pigeon-holed. 

The album moves from moments of noisy industrial metal to slight alt-metal melodic sensibilities and black metal hysteria. Does it pick a particular lane or style, not at all it is all over the shop in the best way you cannot imagine. 

Casting an eye over some tracks on this devastating album: An Epoch Ellipsis is a cracker of an opener that is melodic but thankfully steers away from deathcore and instead sits beautifully between alt-metal and extreme metal, Sere Money is an album highlight with its gripping guitar hooks and amazing structure, tempo and vocal twists and turns. The vocals as for the whole album are so original, warped and creative, the subtle build-ups and almost Mike Patton-like magic show prowess that is rare and impressive. Silent Twin is a moody and broody track that with its acoustic depravity and clever build-up paint a gloomy celebration of so many genres. Psoriastasis was a pummelling black metal influenced rager that was equally demonic, atmospheric and raging. The amount crammed into one track was freaking impressive tbh. Like many tracks, the vocals, drums and guitars are all dominating in various guises. Twined Towers is another highlight of the album, the storytelling portrayed here is as fantastic as the ghastly oppressive tone of this bleak and very apocalyptic song. Overpast has a not so subtle death metal statuesque vibe that makes you believe that hell has erupted in your ears. And in case you thought the album was finished destroying any sense of boundaries between subgenres, Parse Over will batter and maul any remaining threads of predictability. 

This musical document is punishing, cruel and awe-inspiring. Metal and indeed underground music needs more heroes like The Amenta. Don't be dull, predictable and unoriginal-be confrontational and abrasive. Excellent album and congratulations on your achievements, more, please!!!.

The album drops February 19th, 2021 on Debemur Morti Productions and EVP Recordings.

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