Vader-Solitude in Madness album review.

Vader-Solitude in Madness album review.

If you are expecting any dilution in the sound of this Death Metal/Thrash Polish beast, you are sadly mistaken. Solitude in Madness is hectic, abrasive, and unrelenting. In our recent interview with their drummer James, although they have changed producers, it has only strengthened their resolve to produce uncompromising extreme music. Eleven tracks with enough variation to grip and entertain you. This ain't groundbreaking or new style, but basically who cares. Definite emulation of both new and old metal deities is not uncommon, but Vader does it so well whilst definitely sounding starkly original. Pace changes and ripsnorting guitar solos combined with furious and mayhemic drumming plus the deep snarling vocals make for a solid and energetically heavy album. You will not be disappointed.

Out now on Nuclear Blast


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