My Dying Bride-Macabre Cabaret EP review.


My Dying Bride-Macabre Cabaret EP review.

FFO: Doomy, gothic infused metal and riffs!!!.

My Dying Bride has been around forever and their last album The Ghost Of Orion had some great tunes and although very over the top, this band excels at their genre. Generally, their releases are a bit overlong for my taste and I find this genre a bit too melodramatic. But then again my main love is always extreme metal and hardcore. However, I damn enjoyed this release as it had a more morbid tone and the grimness excelled in its atmospheric darkness. Also, the riffs and rolling rhythms dominated this release. Definitely a great background EP, and it definitely grows on you. The title track is ten minutes of heavy doom ridden adventure that is almost like a mini-movie. Very soundtrack-like and less domination of the vocals. That said the vocals are deep and haunting, yet evil as fuck. This leads into the second track, A Secret Kiss which takes the gloom of the opener and suffocates you in majestic killer riff after riff. It literally is an onslaught of guitar magic. Last track is A Purse of Gold and Stars, a soft almost ambient track with spoken word; surprisingly this rounds off the album very well.

Would I rush out to buy a full album, not really but this EP is very enjoyable and gives so much more than expected.

Out now on Nuclear Blast: