Scour-Black EP review.


Scour-Black EP review.

FFO: Raw, abrasive blackened extreme metal that punches hard.

I will confess I am no fan of Pantera. I get their place in metal history, but I never dug them remotely. Phil certainly has made his share of well documented idiotic statements( google youtube, it's all there), but I always thought Down were tons better than Pantera offerings. But his best band is Scour, call it a supergroup, call it a project but the combination of players from well-established kick-arse bands forms a solid unit that delivers incredible music with each EP. But this is my fave.

It's just nasty black metal mixed with elements of hardcore/crust/grindcore. And these six tracks are all rippers. You couldn't pick that this is made up of metal superstars. I love how vocally and sonically this is just so hectic. No bullshit raw metal with broad influences that slay. Most tracks are damn fast, but with sensational tempo changes and tangents that keep you thrashing away. There are no standouts because this release just punishes you from start to end, nasty heavy deep metal that is aggressive and without zero bullshit.

Just grab a copy of all the EP's, but Black, the current release is my fave. 

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