Pissrash S/T EP review

Pissrash S/T EP review.

I live in Melbourne and love the place, but the thing I am most proud of, is the incredible bands we produce, time after fucking time. Melbourne welcomes the crazy and incredible Pissrash. WHAT A FUCKING SICK ASS EP. 

Pissrash continues assorted talented lunatics from a variety of frankly stellar local punk and metal bands. But the total sum of all these creative geniuses is a zillion times better than their previous bands. Like 20 levels above and that's a huge call because their previous bands were groundbreaking as well as entertaining as all hell.
The self-titled EP is five tracks of pure debauchery, utter chaos but this EP is better than some accomplished bands peak albums. There is no waste of time here, it's straight for the throat nastiness; achieved by outstanding song structures, flesh destroying riffs and pure deranged vocals. All is layered perfectly in each track and the production is straight no bullshit raw aggression. 

The musical style is what I'd call sludge-thrash-hardcore; it takes the heaviness of your favorite thrash and hardcore bands and amps it up past ten, but the element of sludgy/doomy tone justs raises the face pummelling effect of each track. 

I basically adored every track, it's unhinged but in a supremely masterful manner. There is so much going on these five tracks, but nothing is overkill; just brutal riff warfare and also really grouse drunken lout lyrics.


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