Grief Ritual-Moments of Suffering EP review.

Grief Ritual-Moments of Suffering EP review.

Wow, prepare to get your skull crushed and your mind to be dissolved by the greatness of this heavy slab of darkness. Grief Ritual has produced another masterpiece in the grim and epic Moments of Suffering EP.

This writer loved last year's incredible Life is a Phase EP, but it's pale compared to this. This 5 track hell snorter of a release is heavier, darker and even more psychotic. Again I am on the floor in my amazement of this band; they mix many genres-be it black metal, grindcore, and hardcore; and create a deeply disturbing but captivating sound that is this masterful band.

There is no pissing about on the release, you are blown away on the heaviness from the first track to the final notes of this fine creation. There are simply too many things to celebrate here; be it is crazed vocals, amazing riffs, and solid rhythm section. Every track flows perfectly into the next, and then you want to start the damn EP again immediately.

Lyrics remain deep in the torment reflected on their previous release, and again the writer felt the deep, emotive catharsis expressed so aggressively in each track. The band in two EP's have really set the standard for blackened hardcore worldwide and yet remain as original as fuck.

 All the tracks are flawless and there are no negative points about this release. Straight-up brilliant classic dark extreme music firing hard on all cylinders, can't wait for a full album. That's my only criticism, I want more tracks!!!.

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