Endless Bore-Personal Development album review.

Endless Bore-Personal Development album review.

What an incredible year for Melbourne punk/hardcore/metal artists 2019 has been. Endless Bore is the band we have all been hanging out for. Fast, unrelenting power violence and epic 80's hardcore style to the max. You will be crushed by this release.

Endless Bore dropped this fantastic album in July and it hasn't left my headphones since then. It is well written fast hardcore that is influenced equally by bands like Infest, Dropdead, Los Crudos and Despise You as much as classic old school hardcore bands like Void, Jerry's Kids and Necros. Thus no long songs and it's all pedal to the floor aggression. 

The mixed influences make Endless Bore a really original style band that just crushes you with it's an immediate effect. Underpinning the pace is solid bass and drum work that carries each track to its quick destination. 15 tracks of solid pace, but never overstaying their welcome even remotely. There is also a slight crust punk influence, that adds some heaviness to the overall sound.

What I also found amazingly refreshing was the lyrical content, easily the best lyrics I have read in ages. Solid and reflective social commentary, plus it seems some personal lyrics referencing mental health and isolation. This added even more potency to this fantastic release.

Live this band slays as well and they do a marvelous Void cover which no one could ever complain about. Production was very punchy and what I would expect from a major label type band. Everything was clear, but not overdone. This is rather pleasing as many hardcore bands go on either side of this; i.e. too raw and low quality or overproduced to the max. This album has really great production.

All 15 tracks are classics, but Cold Sweat and Leave Me Alone were my faves. 

The album is here:

Buy it, it's an Australian hardcore classic!!!