Vulvodynia-Mob Justice review by Mark Jenkins

Vulvodynia-Mob Justice review by Mark Jenkins.

Crushing is a highly overused word in metal reviews, but there is literally no other word to describe this absolute demon of an album.
Pig squeals, hectic riffs and blasty drums...oh yes, this writer is a happy camper.

Vulvodynia is from South Africa and for a band who have only been kicking for 5 years; they really are at the top of their game. And whilst they are clearly a brutal death band; like in the beatdown and slam genres; tbh there are more shit bands than quality acts. And on this album, there is a sheer solid quality from front to back. This band simply destroys its opponents.

It is like they have taken an extreme music formula and made it their own. The buildups are mind-blowingly enchanting, then the breakdowns throw you into a pool of piranhas. The guitar work is so intricate, yet it is so abrasive. I was overwhelmed by how nasty (although the production was world-class, no question) the entire album sounds but amazingly original. Vocals were spellbinding as well and just for a huge cherry on top, you have sensational guest vocals from Malevolence and The Black Dahlia Murder. Massive album indeed.

Highlights: the whole damn album, but you can't go past the title track, the brutal as fuck Famine or the final track, Cultural Misogyny which is a vocal vs guitar gymnastic battle and one of the best closing tracks in ages.

It's out now:
-their merch is sick, check it out
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and go to a gig from their upcoming(ok it's November but it will sellout) Australian tour.