Ze Wisenheimer-The Observer single review by Mark J. FFO: Loud post punk.


Ze Wisenheimer-The Observer single review by Mark J. FFO: Loud post-punk.

Not sure why I didn't know about this band, or frankly why they aren't getting the hype they should. This is gritty, chunky and clunky (as in off-beat in a wicked way) punk rock very much in the ballpark of Cosmic Psychos, Venom P. Stinger etc. 

This four-track single or EP is solid as hell. It definitely centres around the focus track, The Observer. This is a jarring, and raucous gem, the guitarwork is very much ye olde 70's pub rock mixed with timeless 80's post-punk confidence. Like the aforementioned Psychos, it doesn't need all the fancy bells and whistles, because it's got the works. Rollicking drumbeats, punchy basslines and shouty/semi-spoken old-man punk vocals just work so sublimely. And this non-flashy technique works so well, add to the EP a killer live rendition of the single plus two other live bangers that put you right there in a grotty pub clutching your beer as if it's your lifeforce. What Did You Say rips hard and if they are doing an album this is a necessary track, the sarcasm and song craft are deep on this anthem. Ze Wisenheimer definitely specialises in noisy repetition and catchy riffs. Altona Beach is as wild, a short track that simply doesn't piss about; I loved the more downbeat vibe of this; reminds me of The Birthday Party; it's a downer but energetic; and that's some hard stuff to pull off.  All in all, a cracking single/EP and guaranteed they are a killer live band to catch. Well recommended.
Any band that rips off the Wipers logo is damn cool if you ask me.

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