Y NOT-More Beer...More Noise!!! Album review by Mark J. FFO: Raw, Old School Punk Glory with some cool sludge metal elements.

Y NOT-More Beer...More Noise!!! Album review by Mark J. FFO: Raw, Old School Punk Glory with some cool sludge metal elements.

Finally, we have a new old-school style punk band, which is a relief to all the social media arse-kissing and brand-sponsored and overhyped hardcore filth we currently have polluting our ears and venues. This is a glorious raw punk metal beast of an album that not only has quality folk in the band but also has two certified punk legends; namely Bucky of Warp Spasm/ BeanFlipper fame and Sir Camel of Wot Rot and they both have had endless other wicked bands previously. Prepare for eight banging punk anthems with some old hardcore vibes, a touch of UK82 punk, tons of sprinkles of abrasive metal, and crunchy sludge. 

Neck a beer or twelve and strap yourself into this superb punk classic release. 

Track one is Myki, the dumbarse public transport payment system we detest and even more so with the authoritarian fake cops that police it. That aside, what an opener, love the opening vocals and riffs-this is one of their many excellent skills-genius repetitive vocals that are completely catchy and slamdancey. The band is very tight and no notes are wasted-this is proper punk aggression. Motor Missions is as chunky but starts off quite tangential, but the aggressive vocals of Bucky are balanced by clever playing by all members and guitarwork to die for. If you listen hard, each change is full of colour and calculated structure as well as massive spite and vitriol.

Y NOT is definitely one of the huge anthems here, the musical drive is slaughtering and also mad backing vox by Camel-no bullshit, just aggro and although most songs are short, they are memorable and utter earworms. Shout out to a super solid rhythm section backing the searing riffage. Bucky is one of Australia's best vocalists, but the best track on the album is Control Life where Camel does lead vocals on this almost anarcho-punk meets Napalm Death classic and rips you a new one, everything is epic on this sensational track. I would love it if they integrate more crust and metal into the mix, as this track is heavy as hell. 

Also, this potent track has some solid Anti Nowhere League vibes crossed with Beanflipper/Arm the Insane/Grunter style influences, so very solid. Warm Words keeps the release flying along in a positive way that is dangerously short and a total punch to the throat-gritty basic punk ripper in the style of I Spit On Your Gravy or even early Cosmic Psychos. Fuckwit is their longest track and shows a huge side to the band where they can get sludgy and grind/hc at the same time, the drums really are a highpoint to this killer song as well as the snotty vocals, this is a monumental as fuck song that is inventive and is real distorted and filthy. 

Government Ways also show the depth of this band with the addition of some brilliant female vox to the raw anthemic punk mix and is very blues orientated, well in a pub rock style. One of the most immediate tracks and is absolutely sensational live. Trench Diggers closes the album in a rage and solid mix of chaotic dual vocals and guitar audio violence-I loved the almost UK Subs meets Chaos Uk vibe to this track, excellent way to close this fantastic album. The production is far from groundbreaking, but utterly suited to the band; super raw and has the live appeal that the band were definitely aiming for. All in all a cracking release for a new band with super experienced musicians, and excellent people and they demand your attention with this ripping release. Support this band hard!.

See the band for the superb CD, with merch dropping soon as well as Bandcamp and Instagram very soon.

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