Brick by Brick- Dismal Existence album review. FFO: Heavy, weighty metallic hardcore.


Brick by Brick- Dismal Existence album review. FFO: Heavy, weighty metallic hardcore.

Brick By Brick is a sick arse metallic hardcore we all know and love from Troy, NY. It's heavy, full of ignorant riffs and will blow your speakers. 

The Hunted and Infiltrate is a great representation of the album; everything is weighty and suffocating. It celebrates the strength of this band just by slowing the tempo down, but making it heavy and pummeling. 
Tearing Down shows the sheer skill the band has and how the major element is hard and uncompromising metal-I dug that the main riff was so hectic; plus the massive gang vocals. Whiskey is the Truth also shows another side to the band with the best groove you have heard since Pantera and is almost bluesy. I dig how these boys ain't afraid to go out on a limb. Other killer tracks like Full of Hell, From My Eyes, Can't be Broken and Liar, Deceiver is all the meat and potatoes angry, metallic hardcore things we want from this band. The band lay the lyrics in equally dense and solid layers as much as the guitars, vocals and drums/bass. Nothing groundbreaking, but for us old heads this is all we need. Honest, solid and genuine music with attitude. 
My fave track was the Loyalty to the Grave-this was so gritty, punishing and mental. And had a mad groove that hooked me from first listen. Then as a bonus, we have a track with Chuck from Testament on it (not a bad way to open a record eh?) and a SOIA cover which is mint as. 
Another solid record for these boys, my only criticism is the production definitely lacks some dynamic presence, the songs are killer but over the entire album there is a slight flatness that to me needs that boost, every song is killer but even when I ran it through a music player with an equaliser the difference was remarkable; but then again I am not a producer just a music fan. Not a biggie but I loved the production on the Thin the Herd album. But still, this release is very solid and essential.

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