Bong Coffin-qvkemother EP review. FFO: Dirty, swampy sludge.


Bong Coffin-qvkemother EP review. FFO: Dirty, swampy sludge.

 Thanks, Twitter to steering me to this great aussie band. This Adelaide band kick serious arse and I love the mix of deep and resonating bass/riffs whilst the vocals are part grunge/part exorcism. The band has some really solid releases from last year and this is the latest. Now I love quality sludge and doom, but like many genres, it is littered with generic bands of no substance. But Bong Coffin are weighty and solid specimens for their species and any release you pick up is excellent.

This December release is three tracks and perfectly dirty from start to end. It is utterly about the depressing, but dynamic tone-bass focused and grim as fuck. Everything is fantastic, the art, the production, the lyrics and the amazing song presence. This of course would be excellent live and is one solid tune after another to make a solid release for the band. The highlight was Way Outta League which is as much Sabbath worship with tips to raw black metal and doom metal that utterly washes over and smothers you. Time passes quick despise the decent length of each track and I am hanging out for a full-length album this year!!!

Killer release from a sick band.

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