Ghosts In Gold-Glorious Illumination album review.

Ghosts In Gold-Glorious Illumination album review.

Eerie, Brutal and atmospheric. Ghosts in Gold deliver this astonishingly heavy and dynamic debut release. The riff work and song structure echo the finest of both classic and modern extreme metal. The band describes the goal of this album was to make oppressive and cripplingly heavy music. Full objective completed. It's moody as hell, but so, so colorfully hideous in it's crushing effect. The problem with some black metal is it's over the top in a c-grade horror style, which hardly brings long term appeal. This is a high level craft to make all the songs fit together, have their own identity, and remind you why extreme metal is so damn worth the listen. The production was grim and dynamic, the low end literally rattling your bones to dust. And thankfully the recording wasn't that lo-fi bullshit that to me makes most early black metal unpalatable. The six tracks that make up this gripping album are all killer, never any boring wasted space at all. An incredible album in every way.

Album highlight: Baptised In the Light, an anthem that makes you want to buy down every church in your town. 

Embrace this grim gem asap:


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