Damaged Cases Motorhead Tribute Album review

Cover or tribute albums are usually pretty damn terrible. TBH I can hardly recall one that wasn't dreadful or plain embarrassing. Luckily the mighty Upstate Records have made the case for an album Lemmy would truly endorse.

What makes it solid is the array of genuine, hardworking bands that deliver covers with the legit respect that Motorhead are rightfully due. Sheer Terror, Street Dogs, and Brick by Brick are the most well known here but the other bands deliver in spades (was that the ace of spades...LOL!).

Australia even gets repped by the street punk hooligans RUST from Sydney....Oi! Oi!.

It's entertaining as fuck and is on point with the punk meets metal feel that Motorhead made us so addicted to. All in All, a booze-soaked album of fun and chaos.

Best tracks: Sheer Terror's I Got Mine because Paul is such a legendary mess and it packs the most punch, followed by Brick by Brick's outstandingly heavy version of Iron Fist and then both Street Dogs punk as fuck version of We are the Road Crew and Unruly Boys with The Hammer beautifully smashed like a cheap pint pre your fave band.

Great album and a classic album honoring one of the best bands ever.

Grab this ripper album here: