No Convictions- Self-Titled EP
Upstate Records are not only releasing absolute quality in their short, but superbly worthwhile existence as a label; but they are unearthing some craftsmen of all heavy genres.

No Convictions are a four-piece commanding powerhouse that hails from Florida and they excel in quality beatdown hardcore. Their debut EP is a total pile driver of a release.  5 tracks of no bullshit beatdown, but what really makes them burst arteries is their exceptional drums and first-class song structure. The guitar tone is pulverisingly deep and dark; add in some blasty drums and a skilful vocalist who really blends up an abrasive cocktail of death metal and nasty hardcore in the style of Bulldoze, Xibalba and even Jesus Piece. The first sensationally heavy tracks; “Junkie”, “Meaningless” and the astounding anti-cop anthem “Trigger Control” aren’t remotely generic by any stretch, which is both reassuring and mind-blowing.

There isn’t a wasted moment and it will literally make you want to spin kick people even on a bus. I adore the almost Bolt Thrower heaviness of the massively crushing “Unaccountable”, it’s both doomy and bombastic; the likes I haven’t heard since Black Breath. Even then it injects via the sharp rhythm section, a catchy groove that will two step the hell out of any venue. And it is an anti-racist song, so great in sound and message. Check these awesome lyrics:

"It's time that you fucking paid
Fuck your white pride
You racist piece of shit

My fist your fucking face"

Total respect guys!. First EP and calling out racist scum. More of this please.

The release closes with Buried Belief; a track that really showcases all their talents, pace changes and well-written songs that are catchy and hectic. 5 spin kicks out of 5.
This EP is out now via bandcamp and physical release.

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