Pizza Death-Reign of the Anticrust album review. FFO: Funny as Pizza Crossover and utterly brilliant songs.


Pizza Death-Reign of the Anticrust album review. FFO: Funny as Pizza Crossover and utterly brilliant songs.

You have all heard the first album, a headbanging and moshing classic, and we all understand the brief; fast, thrashy crossover with all the lyrics laser-focused on Pizza or death related to it. Pizza Death also runs this solid and consistent theme thru cool advertisements/promos and epic merch. Now you could think that this is simply a lightweight, humourous band having fun with no skill. Not remotely, this band is a tight and killer live force and the second album is sensational. Ten fucking pizzas out of ten, now let's cut to the slice.

Album number two is as spicy and cheesy as the debut that dropped two years ago, but the songs seem even more energetic and more deranged. Indeed the humour works a treat, any of the titles are sidesplitting and the samples are spot on. Shit is funny from start to end, but simple Beavis and Butthead-level humour would not last 20 songs deep. The songs are catchy, the riffs are sharper than a pizza cutter and the violently exploding drums/bass are as unhinged as someone who hates pineapple on pizza and finds it on their base. These bastards write amazing songs and both on a stage or on a recording, they flaw you with their skill. This is no exaggeration!.

The secret sauce to their dough is they have an amazing pace, the vocals are the best in the business and flow with the tempo and add oomph to every track, even the backing vocals make every song detonate. The combo of blazing thrash to almost fastcore/PV pace mixed with that old-school crossover style just goes straight for the tastebuds every listen. And the raw energy flow is perfect; just look at the lack of oxygen from maddened opener Pepperabies to the moshtastic Consumed by Mushrooms, then get roundhoused by the insane combo of Napalm Cheese, Capricciosa Decapitation and one of the album highlights Putin Hates Gluten Free Pizza Bases

This band uses repetitive guitar magic and astute vocal phrasing to rip you apart. And onwards we get cool variations of psycho paced bangers-Reclaim the Hut, Tsunami of Salami, Yeast of the Deceased(another fave-that main riff is mental and borderline Mindsnare style), The Anticrust is pure slaughterhouse music and Pasta of Muppets-recently seen this live and loved their spiel on sad cunts picking pasta over pizza-so classic. Gnarly Salami is one of the album's best songs, the combo of tempo changes, sick varied vocals and that thick bassline-oh man, fuck the small pizza, order two family pizzas of this greatness.

The pointy end of this album just amps shit up and up with another standout-the glorious Psilocybin Pizza Murder Suicide-just get ready to run through several walls in your house or at the pub on this huge track. Then Eaten O-Live by Zomb-olives(seriously creative titles eh, fuck Shakespeare)-this entertaining band is killing me with metallic gems, intense and crushing. Sliced to Pieces is off its head fast, but lays some wild riffs from start to end. Blackened Remains starts with a Beavis and Butthead sample and just builds like a nuclear weapon, it's like a wild Crossover banger with almost Exodus-like riffs, and the tension is welcomed. Again it amazes me just how talented these bastards are. And the closer, yes song number 20; Pizza Death Row finishes as strong as all the other excellent tracks and is one of my faves as they add more death-metal style vocals to the mix. Also gotta pay respect to how they almost start the track in an almost early Metallica style, a truly magnificent song and what a perfect and dynamic beast of a release. They sit perfectly with the solid variety and depth on the killer Disdain Records roster, and have solid touring plans abroad I believe which is well deserved.

And seriously how sick is the front cover art of this release, this is beyond lame Domino's level art, this is high-end classic true art from the true pizza kings: Dougie and co.

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