Orlando Furioso-Voices EP review. FFO: Blazing, thrashy hardcore.


Orlando Furioso-Voices EP review. FFO: Blazing, thrashy hardcore.

1054 Records have done it again, this time with an excellent new EP from the crew from Washington DC.

Founded by Nick Sawaya in early 2020 as a solo studio project, Orlando Furioso self-released four singles and a four-song EP heavily influenced by classic punk and hardcore before quickly solidifying a full lineup and taking it to the stage. Joined by bassist Mike Pruitt, drummer Holden Lee Duke, and guitarists Jay Frost and Fred Delacruz of Silence Equals Death, Orlando Furioso’s high-energy performances throughout the mid-Atlantic quickly established them as one of the must-see acts coming out of DC, playing with bands like Madball, Sick Of It All, Life of Agony, and Rob Lind of Blood for Blood and Ramallah.

This vivid release has mad tempo riffs, scathing vocals and excellent drums/bass warfare. Voices beckon your speakers to be blown.

O.F. is a dynamic and super energetic band that has translated their passion into this raging new EP. No songs remotely piss about on this release and you yearn to see this band live after blazing this EP from start to end. 

Good For Health, Bad For Education opens up the moshpit with an immediate mix of metalcore meets thrash and the opener is definitely notable by the thick riffs that catch your attention from the get-go. Eyes of Life has a cool intro sample of Child's toy or clock and then goes for your throat with riffs and vocals like a wicked mix of Biohazard and Blood for Blood, and has an excellent trademark of mixing gang vocals with raging tempo. This track is mayhemic, memorable and punchy as hell. This band has everything in spades and plays tight as hell. The second track is definitely a huge anthem and that cool hardcore with metal influence is definitely more NYHC or Boston style and I dug that.

The Day the Earth Stood Still keeps the rabid pace up and the vocals are super dominant on this and this song had an early Sick Of It All vibe I was hugely into, but they can also drop the chunky, domineering basslines to make shit funky in a hardcore way. Again awesome gang vocals and mountainous riffs. Pride is yet another massive essential track with an almost punky type structure and this is a killer earworm with brilliant lyrics and unrestrained energy. This excellent track also has a Pennywise/ melodic bit around the 2-minute mark that shows their capacity to play smart variations within their genre. Manifest is a metallic hardcore gem and also reminds me of Merauder and not many bands can pull that style off. This band is talented as hell and musically/vocally has a mesmerizing array of superrefined skill sets.

Voices closes off the release strongly and this is led by a solid sample and then caveman type of aggression; this is the violent anthem that will definitely be a highlight of their set, dig that mad main riff-marvellous work!. The pace and ferocious nature of this release make it pass in no time and hopefully, they have a full album planned because they are artisans at mosh-worthy anthems on this release. The production is really front-forward and huge, but not overdone. Now guest vocals are always a tricky addition to any release, but my only dislike about this release is I personally wasn't a fan of the guest vocals on track one, way too melodic/hard rock/nu-metal etc for me and a strange one; but if people dig it; fair play. There are also less jarring guest vocals on the final track, again didn't see the benefit of these for this genre; but hey different folks, different strokes. That aside, I cannot recommend this highly enough, out tomorrow:


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