Distruster-new single/video:Naked Violence // Aerobicide review by Mark J. FFO: Perverted Industrial Dark Electro.


Distruster-new single/video: Naked Violence // Aerobicide. FFO: Perverted Industrial Dark Electro.

It's definitely my month with the Schkeuditzer Kreuz album review and also the Distruster artist profile. Now these bangers just dropped. Explosive joy is in my fucking ears!.

Naked Violence is one of two sick tracks with brilliant videos for each. Naked Violence is hard, occult-like and groovy electro-violence at its finest, with insane samples, gothy Marilyn Manson-style vocals and the phattest, depraved beats we come to expect from the glorious Distruster. I adore how this is super dancey, heavy as hell and also has that underground sex club vibe. Or at least as portrayed in the cheap slasher movies. But nothing is cheap about the production and sound, huge and sonically crushing. Aerobicide is seemingly much more evil and foreboding. Just how dirty are the opening synths eating away your soul, utterly compelling stuff. Nasty, but intelligent. Often a slower and grinding tempo is as evil and sinister as the fast tracks. Distruster as always we worship you. Bring us more.

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