Enzyme-Golden Dystopian Age album review by Mark J. FFO: Stunningly brutal and clever D-beat perfection.


Enzyme-Golden Dystopian Age album review by Mark J. FFO: Stunningly brutal and clever D-beat perfection.

Album number two has arrived from these raw punk/D-beat legends and it's a ripper. Louder, more tangential and utter classic. This album will be guaranteed to be a frequent player for even the fussiest punk/hardcore fan.

Get ready for face-melting D-beat glory with lovely head nods to so many great bands, but sounding damn original at the same time. Enzyme has really arrived with this incredible release.

Album number Two commences in a forceful and confident manner with the muscular Intro/State of Fear. You immediately hear riffs that are reminiscent of Black Sabbath, but sneakily it gets fuzzy, and weirdly electro with noisy sounds/beats(care of NERVE-local fantastic hard techno-wizard who adds his skills to three tracks on this album) and drifts into fantastic spoken words integrating with the punk electroclash (also featuring Bernie from Hardcore Victim records), and this solid sociopolitical beginning just adds sizeable and equally palpable tension, dark mood; and it builds, it builds even more; until we get that drilling and seismic key Enzyme trait -the explosive scream/tempo change knockout punch as State Of Fear kicks in. Hell yes!. This track is heavy and has the scattergun target of pure raw punk mixed with Scandi/Japanese quality worship. 

No Concern makes sure you aren't stationary very long with its backbreaking race-to-hell approach, I adored the wild Chaos UK/Disorder vibe on this one, just fierce and abrasive. Then is one of the album's many highlights, Masquerade, again NERVE adding some gabber techno gems over this sensational anthem. This is a magic track, the noisy shit works in so well with the D-beat aesthetic but the critical difference is this; the extra bells/whistles make the track soar, but the structure, slight pauses and tempo twists make it extraordinary. For something so harsh sounding, it is catchy as fuck. This record showcases how the band is willing to experiment, but also use all their well-defined skills. Stu's vocal work on this is brilliant. But the band when you break down the sum of parts are exceptional at their craft. Beyond the distortion, are purposeful hooks, and impactful and deep rhythmic flair across the release. 

To have one album so full of glorious tracks is a real gift and is actually rare as hell. Breaking Point is a wonderful closer to side A of this album, just no bullshit, guttural raw punk. As the true originators did, be noisy and hammer the point home by gripping repetitive aggression. 

Now we hit side B of the release and the title track; here we have endless mountainsides of crazed fuzzy short, sharp shocks and this is full of venom and guile. Again Enzyme thrives with the calculated tension and unbridled pace. Chewing the Fat is the sixth track and easily one of the finest hours on this solid release. Vocal prowess is shining on this as the interplay between Stu and Yeap is utterly top-shelf, this is complemented by gritty guitarwork, and exceptional bass/drums and is a certified classic hardcore gem. Abuse of Power is another OMG fucking wow moment, that opening start is classic overwhelming punk and that is to be celebrated-maddened raw punk chaos but with a shrewd structure that wins you over instantly. 

Farce closes out the album like a nuclear force, and hey how killer is that main chorus, notably memorable and you sing it immediately, this has the added final wonders from NERVE and also some attention-getting backing vox as well. All in all, a perfect album, I loved the added nasty sparkles via NERVE, the surprisingly harmonizing vocals at times and always the frenzy and sheer aggression of this band. I dug the debut, but this is a classic. I like how many bands from Melbourne (like Enzyme and Geld) are getting slightly tangential, yet remaining angry and psychotic at the same time. The production is way more dynamic and terrifying than their debut, this is a bonus. The left turn from generic D-beat/crust is well received and this will make heaps of end-of-year best album lists. In Enzyme, We Crust!.

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