Thronetorcher-Eden’s Poison EP reviewed by Mark J.
Hardcore should draw you in and make you want to dance hard or at the very least break shit. Thronetorcher do this in spades. Heavy riffs-check, breakdowns-hell yes and abrasive, cutting throats vocals-in spades. Hailing from Canada, these nasty fuckers deliver their fantastic and nasty ep via BDHW on May 25th2018. What I dig about these cats is they really deliver hard, catchy Slayer Reign In Blood riffs and a truckload of groove. 5 tracks of pure metallic hardcore goodness with total quality in every track; personally my favourites were: King of Disease and Depths of Despair (nice death metal style vocals near end of this gem!).
It’s a clear 5 out of 5 Whiskey shots for me. 
Check out the title track: