Septic Tank-Rotting Civilisation reviewed by Mark. J.
Lee Dorian is a metal god. Napalm Death, Cathedral and now this gem of a band. Septic Tank has been a side project for over 20 years and this has only been released recently. This is a beautifully unoriginal and complete raw worship of bands that have influenced many genres and subgenres. This uncomplicated release rips through tracks that bow to the altars of Discharge, GISM, Celtic Frost, Cryptic Slaughter and associated greats. It was like a classic mix tape of the masters. Every track is killer, but I back flipped over the grim and doomy greatness of Death Vase, punk harshness with Treasurers of Disease and Social Media Whore. 5 out of 5 grotty crust patches.
Treasurers of Disease
And seriously, how amazing is the artwork.