Death by a 1000 Bullets:Mixed album releases: Mortuary Sickness, Kerry King, Firing Squad, Wormwood,Teeth Like Knives, Deicide, ViperSnatch and Worship Grief.


Death by a 1000 Bullets: Incredible Mixed releases: Mortuary Sickness, Kerry King, Firing Squad, Wormwood, Teeth Like Knives, Deicide, ViperSnatch and Worship Grief.

These are the dog bollocks, concise short reviews of shit you need to buy now. Got it, now read, buy and thank me later fuckface.
We have a blindingly awesome selection of releases here. Let's go and get into these bangers.

Mortuary Sickness-What Lies Beyond. Melbourne-based Death Metal kill squad that last Friday dropped one of the best Aussie Death Metal releases in years. It has everything from Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Death to Suffocation in its overall style. They can slow it down easily, or rage with rapid-fire. The vocals are gnarly and raw as hell, with brilliant song structure and crushing mood across the release, drums and bass are off the chart with production that is like peak 90's aggression. Flawless and free from trends and bullshit. Every track is a highlight, go grab it now!!!
Kerry King-From Hell I Rise. The Godfather of Thrash is Back with a Vengeance! Don't be pissy and whingeing about this album, how it's too much like the last so-so Slayer albums, blah blah, fucking blah. Get fucked because this is a wicked album because the sick and gripping Thrash of Sir King continues. It is a hectic, savage and ripping album of expected riff warfare with warlike drumming, sick vocals from the singer of Death Angel and every track is as good as your fave tracks from the latter period of Slayer, but also adds more raw and serious energy that certainly lacked in the last few Slayer albums. But the 13 tracks don't piss about and it's one of my fave angry and abrasive thrash releases of some time, the production is as great as the songwriting. All killer, All Kerry King.

Firing Squad-Three in the Chamber. Yes, I know this was released earlier this year, but while we are on a quality Thrash trip, go with the local demi-gods and great mates-the wicked Rural Thrash kings-Firing Squad. A band that delivers in spades every time and sits in the Testament-Exodus-Sacred Reich-early Metallica vein with some wicked modern thrash-melodic metalcore vibes also. The CD comes with the band's previous singles to make this an action-packed and dynamic-sounding beast of a mini-album. I also love how every track is straight for the jugular and free of the bland wankery many bands fall into for this genre. See them ASAP and buy their music/merch:
Wormwood-The Star.
Well, I hadn't heard this band previously, but now I am so glad I have;The Star  was a cracking journey of a mix of atmospheric black metal, black n'roll and some folk elements. The playing was chunky as hell, the production was really moody but abrasive where it needed to be given the tangents this great band goes on.So much going on in the best way, wild catchy riffs, killer synth work and monumental vocals.Sensational album.

Teeth Like Knives-Taster.
Oh yes, baby, this is so my jam-so weird, so heavy-free form Mr Bungle meets sludge/jazzy noise/glitchy industrial chaos with distortion. Interesting is a severely shite word, but Teeth Like Knives is a severely captivating, confusing, fascinating study of music not following logic, but has such artisan skill of a cultish underground master. I love how the guitars are at absolute war with the psychotic synth work, this sounds like an unknown Japanese artist playing in a seedy Berlin bar. This is ten unhinged tracks for listeners with an ear for the abnormal, and I mean that in the highest regard. Completely original, frenzied and deranged music that I fucking adored. Support this artist hard, this album drops July 18.

Deicide-Banished by Sin. 
Like I said earlier, people need to stop getting so deep and embrace albums that literally rip their head off. Fuck me critics and general tossers are ranting about both the cover art and how generic or bland this album is. Prepare for my devilish sermon. The artwork is sick as hell and if you use your dimwitted brain you will link the new cover to the band's searing self-titled debut, almost a modern take on it, so suck that up princess. Bland and generic, if for one second you can jump off Metallica's bland cock for a second, you will realise this is a savage and abrasive gem of a death metal record, that easily is one of their top five albums. A demented and punishing record I know my ears enjoyed the excellent punishment.
Buy it now you heatherns!!!
ViperSnatch-Slut single.
ViperSnatch is Lily, Riley and Kailee – a Riot Grrrl trio characterised by powerful, break-your-heart- vocals over punk-inspired chord progressions; agile, visceral drumming and expressive, provocative bass playing. Formed in 2018 in Central Queensland, Australia, on Darumbal land, ViperSnatch brings a female perspective to the local alternative music scene. ViperSnatch is a brilliant three-piece that is creating unique but incredibly well-rounded music. Slut is as much Bikini Kill/L7/Lunachicks/Babes in Toyland with some Otoboke Beaver and Bad Cop/Bad Cop. This solid and energetic track is a pro-feminism track, about women not existing to be palatable to men, about refusing to be constrained. A full EP is planned in the future and this is one band to keep an eye on, awesome stuff.
Worship Grief- Blunt Force Trauma. I am but a simple human who really connects with harsh sounds in particular really nasty hardcore/metal that peels my skin off. And this new band from Newcastle has royal blood steering its wheel- Craig Wainwright/Craigos of Caged Grave, In Name and Blood and tons of other bands all worth selling your soul for and Jason from Dropsaw. So you can guarantee it will be awesome. This EP is four tracks of blackened power-violence and metallic hardcore with some Integrity and Ringworm thrown in the mix also. Every track is flesh melting with insane riffage and hellish vocals; it is not overproduced in fact it is true to the best production times, i.e. 2000's Trial and Error Records time. This is absolute god-tier music.
Support this band hard!!!