Witchgrinder-Nothing Stays Buried album review-FFO: Insanely great Industrial Rock/Metal.


Witchgrinder-Nothing Stays Buried album review: Insanely great Industrial Rock/Metal.

What a surprise of a release and always got my love as a huge Industrial Metal fan. I mean how big has this year been for that genre, All this Filth, and Our Last Enemy all dropping some of the best releases of the year and joined by these greats, the overpowering throat-slashing beauty that is Witchgrinder.

If you dig raging metal with razor-sharp riffs, insane samples and dynamically hectic programming in the vein of Ministry, White Zombie, Murder Dolls and Marilyn Manson etc you are in for a fucking treat. There hasn't been a similar band of that style in Melbourne since the mighty Discordia, a perfect band from the 90's. Nothing Stays Buried is a bloat and filler-free gem of an album that is as good as the masters of the genre. If you don't mosh instantly to My Exorcist or Dead By Dawn, you better check your pulse. Both of these early tracks are stunning ways to open an album and not only does the skill level, and songwriting ability shine through so aggressively, but also stunning production and mastering. Every track is well balanced in its intent, being catchy and melodic, but pulverizing you with monstrous heaviness. Queen of Sin was a killer video and this track is clever as hell, lulling you into a false sense of calm and relaxation, before the evil creeps in with wild samples and then those sleazy and creepy vocals kick in backed by tough as nails backing vocals.And the track just gets better and better, what a banger!.

Upon Cursed Ground has that brilliantly sick Nu-Metal meets Frontline Assembly that hooks you in. And I adore the hooks in each song, but this also reminds me of way Ministry and Rammstein always draw you in and make you hum a track for days. This classic track is at home on a drunken stage as much as blaring loud at a Gothic/Industrial club night. Inject the Venom and Left For the Rats ensures you will not lose any interest for a second be it the brilliant lead vocals, majestically heavy riffs or the confidence of the rhythm section. I love how every track is an instant classic and so many WTF moments; where you are floored that one band can write so many blazingly creative tracks on one album. 
It's made it damn hard to separate or filter any tracks as none have any weak moments. So just accept the fact this record is a damn masterpiece. You Bury Your Own is a solid example; the band can drop the tempo, concentrate on mood, technique and no surprise horror movie aesthetic that works breathtakingly. 
Nothing But Fire is THE closer and there was simply too much to worship on this, the initial tribal drumming and so many tasty riffs that one moment is classic Metallica(like the first four albums, shove the rest of the the catalogue in the bin)then Sepultura, Lamb of God, obviously classic Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies and even Machine Head.Yes, that is some band and whilst their catalogue has always been solid, this is truly top of the class, like world class material. Buy or Die!! A perfect album and miss them live at your peril.

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