Interview with Wattie from punk hardcore legends The Exploited.


Interview with Wattie from punk hardcore legends The Exploited.

The influence this band had on bands is massive and personally, it was life-changing; it all started when a mate dubbed me their debut album, Punk's Not Dead and there was my transition from basic punk to the more extreme side of punk/hardcore. This would lead me into not only anarcho-punk bands but also crust and NY Hardcore. A genre-defining band who never rested on their foundations and you'll fucking love this ripper of an interview Wattie is funny as hell, inspiring and an all round top bloke.

We chatted about:

-the excitement to come back to our shores after various delays over the last few years
-the hatred for politicians never eases off
-how the lies and corruption of the government is an endless source of lyrics
-a new album in the pipeworks
-how the band were hated in the past for being extreme  
-how the fans keep the band going and for the right reasons
-the working-class authenticity of the band and what they stand for
-Australian punk bands
-reminiscing about the old days be it the realness, tension and associated violence
-the vile way keyboard warriors play a part these days, all Billy No Mates
-the wonders of Wolfie, Wattie's dog
and much more

Enjoy this awesome interview and catch the tour starting this week: