TVISB & Robbie Coburn-Womb EP review. FFO: Intense Atmospheric Drone that goes deep.

TVISB & Robbie Coburn-Womb EP review. FFO: intense Atmospheric Drone that goes deep.

This writer first came across TVISB as an artist who offered to do a remix for my band, KNIFE. His work was amazing, and absolutely what a creative should do with a remix, redesign and twist it into the weird places we never envisioned. This new release is a collaboration and here is the dramatically accurate outline:

Womb is a collaborative work of music and words by TVISB and Robbie Coburn.

Robbie’s text, a poem in dramatic form, challenges the idea of self-identity and masculinity, while also exploring trauma, sex, violence, death and isolation.

Dark, claustrophobic ambience surrounds the listener completely and provides an appropriate soundscape to the bleak and at times disturbing text.

This is beautifully spot on and whilst drone is often hard work for the new listener, its beauty lies in the persistence and is far removed from the quick fix world we live in, and consume and listen/watch etc. The duration of any track or release is arduous, but the disharmony and anti-pigeonhole-like approach is what actual experimental artform is. Womb is strange, and glorious and is akin to a soundtrack of a grim, dark underground cvlt movie.

This release can only be enjoyed if you take the time to listen to it with real focus and respectable attention because it is stunning. Here are some random musings on the spine-chilling, charming dark drone ambience within Womb.

(Pic of TVISB)

Shallow reminds me of the weird and stunning art installations at Hobart's Dark Mofo festival that combined the peculiar with amazing audio soundtracks from drone/ambient hellscapes. This always works so perfectly and Shallow embodies this, in its chilling manner. Minimalism mixed with electronic pure dread. Rabbits is damn tense and broods along as the notes seem to stretch endlessly.The mini changes as the song tracks along are wild, added anxiety and tepidation escalate as you extend past the midpoint of this track.It is almost spacey, drones from hell as you don't know what is coming next. Brilliant and better with each listen. The Burrow in it's own simple way, is very complex as it certainly starts off with an almost warmish tone, well as warm as Norway I guess. Then around 2 mins , a deep and resonating horn-like sound presents itself and the instant dismay and dire feeling this brings to the track is intense and so soundtrack like. The distant tapping sounds and echoes were horrifically consemplative and entrancing. Womb is just one stellar track after another, no bullshit. Each track builds onto and into the next, this is a difficut skill to master but it is completely achieved on this gem.

                           (Pic of Robbie Coburn)

Crush begins the second part of the release, and is one of the many highlights on this release and it is unsettling but a touch relaxing. These contrasts really make the release stand out, all the brooding like a score for a psychotic film full of reflection and possibly self-doubt/psychosis-which thrills me to bits. Roadkill builds on these unsettling, but super assertive toned themes shown so far, utilising those prickly textures amongst the somewhat meditative style these two artists create. The core is solid key manipulation, bass reverberation and a staggering array of noises and echo-like effects utilised to the extreme. I adore how the music is so affecting, thrilling and embracing. The closing track Sirens shows how despite the release being around 36 minutes, not a second is wasted with inane audio construction, the tracks are well written and structured, purposeful and linger long in your memory. This track closes a brilliant roadmap for the listener and has a repetitive pulse to it that is borderline ritualistic or meditative; then again this is the music I concentrate well to or can find mindfulness in, who knows. The release is amazing, and astute with each part of each individual composition and all tracks flow so well. Whatever these artists do next will be huge, because I personally welcome another ten albums of this immense dissonance. Whatever mood Womb is creating or even commentary on mankind or personal reflections, it is disturbingly lush and textured and is a masterpiece.

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