Beat Panic-Welcome To The New You EP. FFO: Killer Post Punk/Dark Wave, quite simply an amazing band.


Beat Panic-Welcome To The New You EP. FFO: Killer Post Punk/Dark Wave, quite simply an amazing band.

Beat Panic kills it every time live and now have released their second marvellous EP. Five strong tracks are as solid as the first release and even more delightful. The band is making waves(is that new or dark or no wave, lol) because they are a distinct separate style from tbh so many bland post-punk bands. (Seemingly even an indie band that has a slightly aggressive word in a song is seen as punk, very weird). But this band has it all going on, a blend of synthy goth, dark wave, and punk and you will worship this release accordingly.

Asavar Kul (yes it's a Warhammer thang) opens up this energetically gloomy masterpiece in a perfect and quirky as hell manner-cheesy synths that sound straight out of the 80's-fuck yes!. This less-than-a-minute intro works a treat and don't let Scott tell you for a second that he is just okay at the synth-he is a damn wizard at its magical crafts. Morrslieb is next and after reading this review, see the link for the video it's wickedly retro and a real classic watch. This like every song on the EP is catchy as hell in a gloomy manner of the briskness of two-tone ska mixed with post-punk and that Gary Numan synth enchantment. As previously the lyrics are intelligent and encourage the listener to interpret these or decode them given the high-level word craft is sublime. The obvious jewel in the crown besides the excellent musicianship is the "Welcome to the new one line" which is brilliant.

The hardest task for this release is picking your favourite tracks, but just embrace the whole work- it's magnificent. Terrible Triad is a tension-filled beast, and here my ears lean towards the gothy glory of both the Damned, TSOL and other masters. The key to this track is an astonishing moody guitar tone in sync with some very wild synth. Both build a dark feeling, almost eerie but never dips into dramatic overkill. Add to this a sensational rhythm foundation and how Scott blends his vocals into the flow of the track. As a musician myself, this is a difficult task to achieve, and utilising vocals as an instrument is only for those at the very top of their game. The ending was excellent with that fast tempo buildup. 

Brittle Patience is definitely a showcase for all the solid strengths of this dazzling band. Dark Wave is the main influence with cunning lyrics, movie soundtrack strength synths and spectral guitarwork. The various influences of the members shine through on this huge track and I can hear snippets(and also across the EP) of Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins and more recently Boy Harsher and Rendez-Vous. This relates to my earlier analysis that any band with a twangy guitar is deemed post-punk. Beat Panic goes beyond the basics and reaches for the sky. 

As indicated the band incorporates many and mostly old classic forms of genres and like on their last release, Black Pyramid has that deep dub flavour to close out a flawless EP. Bass work is solid and dominating, plus impeccable riffs mixed with Scott's quite apocalyptic vocal work. The end has an almost surf-like guitar tone and is almost reminiscent of Martha and the Muffins hit Echo Beach (recently covered by Aussie punk legends Convict Class). That art-rock style sits fine by me as this is yet another catchy classic track that is super energetic. Melancholy is definitely present but in an upbeat style.

All in all, yet another banging release from this Melbourne gem and you would be best served buying all their releases, and merch and catching them live ASAP.
Beat Panic is unique as hell and really utilises its artisan skills to produce high-quality music that deserves to be played live at major international festivals.
Plus we look forward to a full album of this superb music.

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