BulletBelt reviews: Womb to Tomb, Reaper, Pizza Death, Obsolete Man, Primitive Man and Reptile Mountain.

BulletBelt reviews: Womb to Tomb, Reaper, Pizza Death, Obsolete Man, Primitive Man and Reptile Mountain.

The aim of BulletBelt reviews is concise straight to the point old school reviews in the style of MRR/old hardcore/metal zines. Today we have an excellent array of bands with substantial gems of crossover, punk, hardcore, power violence, doom and post metal.

Womb to Tomb-Death Abroad. This is a killer mix of crossover/thrash and heavy hardcore. You want Riffs, you want demented vocals that are the peak of black metal crossed with death metal-this album has it all. A mean live band that takes all their recorded greatness and amps it up to satan on the gig front. I loved the variety here-its like Venom/Mayhem crossed with nasty death metal classic fare, thrash metal and Motorhead. Vocals are pure gold on every track. Killer release.

Get this: https://downtunedrecords-wombtotomb.bandcamp.com/album/death-abroad

Reaper-Viridian Inferno. A mainstream of Melbourne for ages and this is blistering thrash/speed metal that makes you headbang until your head snaps off. A solid four-piece band that sounds like Bathory/Hellhammer meets Concrete Sox/Broken Bones. This album rages from start to end, every track is catchy as fuck and I loved the production and particularly how the vocals were slightly back in the mix like a rhythm guitar. This is the perfect mix of punk and metal and no mercy or quarter is given on this sensational album. the band are currently destroying Europe like a battalion.  

Get this: https://dyingvictimsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/reaper-viridian-inferno

Pizza Death-Slice of Death. Oh yes indeed this is a pizza-themed crossover thrash band and it's awesome. First how sick is that album cover!!. Imagine your fave 80's thrash/crossover/fast hardcore bands drinking 20 coffees and recording an album of sheer power and riffage. This is fun as fuck, but actually has magnificent riffs from start to end. Sorry for the pun, but this is not cheesy at all-more like an overload of pepperoni and jalapenos. Every track is well written and rips hard. Reminds me of early Suicidal Tendencies crossed with SOD-so yes, the perfect band, incredible album. No novelty, this fucking rules!!. Grab a slice now you fuckheads:

Obsolete Man-Glory to the Bomb. This beast hails from San Fran. and is a menacing mix of fastcore/PV and almost grindcore. Six tracks of thick guitar abuse equally matched by mad vox. This sounds modern, but also like an underground band with its gritty overall sound. They cover tons of ground in this super quick EP, but all tracks are glorious and heavy like hardcore that has a sludge influenced background given the groove that lurks underneath. Clever, original and would destroy live. 
Get this:

Primitive Man-Insurmountable. Gotta love this Doom/Death Sludge metal institution. Many bands claim to be heavy, but this utterly destroys the most celebrated death-metal bands by a mile. This release, like most that have come prior, are grim, sullen, monstrous beasts of belligerent tempo, but every track is like punishing yourself into some mechanical human grinder. Devastating and the whole EP suffocates you in a blanket of concrete. The most deafening trio in existence who ironically on this release has a track called Quiet. This is demented doom from the depths of hell and it's essential. Grab this: https://primitivemandoom.bandcamp.com/album/insurmountable

Reptile Mountain-Vodyanoy. Previously reviewed their killer Oracle album. Time hasn't weakened this post-metal force. This EP is full of twists and turns; all are moody as hell and super bombastic. Tunes can be definitely focused on huge riffs given the band is instrumental, but with this high level of song structure that's a plus. The three tracks veer between post-metal, psychedelic rock and at times some black metal. The 14-minute closer Aphotic Zone is a massive track that sounds like Led Zeppelin channelling Mogwai and that illustrates how intriguing and creative this great band is. Get this: