Total Recall-Always Together album review. FFO: Chunky riffs and blazing metal influenced hardcore.


Total Recall-Always Together album review. FFO: chunky riffs and blazing metal influenced hardcore.

I love how 1054 records are unearthing great musical gems across the globe. Even though the album cover looks like a vague reference point to a well-known Carcass album, this is tough hardcore dripping in metal. Initially, it strikes you as a clever simple hardcore album, but it not only has a strong power in its delivery but goes off on a few pleasant tangents. The members have been in many bands and this band shows they know what is expected from an act that has intent and purpose. The first four tracks are punchy, hectic and gravelly hardcore ragers. Everything works well, be it intelligent riff work, gang vocals or lead vocal forcefulness. They can change pace with ease and create a definite borderline beatdown vibe to these tracks. Seas of Illusions is my pick of the first half of the album; it just drills into your skull and has a moody balance to it that resonated. The second half is where the pit fight really starts. Whereas the first half is gnarly as hell, the second half is more violent and the band reveals their point of expertise. Poison Flow has a huge Death Metal and even Deathcore presence that makes them stand out. This track is just massive, crunchy and multigenred in a solid way. The savagery continues with a colossally vile tone on the epic Never Again (this also has a fantastic groove underplaying the mad riffs) and Always Together with its beatdown crossed with Death Metal magic.  Knife-cut Brain is a definite fave track, the production makes the song soar with excellent fading effect on the barbaric vocals and you never want this track to end. Emptiness/Disgrace closes this excellent release with a warlike bass intro that goes almost Nu-Metal in a good way, before taking a twist into combative metal warfare. This like much of the second half of this release shows that the band has tons of depth, skill and wisdom in producing quality metal influenced hardcore. This is a band that is hard to define and I sense the next album could even refine their sound and focus. Always Together is a savage and quality release from a crew that will without a doubt produce some notable albums of nuclear capacity. 

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