Brutal as hell!!!!-V (5 way split) Congeria | CUR | Drugoth | Infernal Trench | Orbyssmal review


V (5 way split) Congeria | CUR | Drugoth | Infernal Trench | Orbyssmal review.

FFO: Pure brutal, nasty, vile, sandpaper to your genitals or hide in the forest music.
Music is often tainted by the mainstream and stupid trends. That's why this split is refreshing as fuck.
13 tracks of nasty and crazed metal abrasiveness.
Featuring Orbyssmal from Brisbane, Australia who we have reviewed and worshipped previously, Drugoth from Brisbane also.Then Congeria from Costa Rica, Infernal Trench from Wisconsin, USA and CUR from Troy, NY. All are varied in their tone and objective, but fuck me what a action packed split. The overall genre is black metal, but the various flavours are all apparent here, except commercial dull variations of this type. Orbyssmal play lofi, raw nihilistic styles, Congeria are in the Venom old school vein, Drugoth is more of blackened style with some crust influence, Infernal Trench play war metal brilliantly and CUR are in the atmospheric/depressive BM style. But the most pertinent news is all bands are incredible at their various styles and the whole album is a sick arse document of how great and varied Black Metal is. 

Every track is well made and sonically spot on. Best split I have heard in ages. Whoever complied or put this together needs applause and your praise because the whole thing is incredible.

Grab it here and support the underground!!!: