Orbiter-The Deluge EP review.

Orbiter-The Deluge EP review.

The Finnish doom metal band Orbiter released their debut EP The Deluge on Wednesday, 29 January. The four-song EP is a blend of heavy riffing, atmospheric psychedelia, and soaring vocals. The central theme of the record is human nature and its contradictions: over and over again people's aspirations towards wisdom are in danger of being drowned under the waves of their own greed. The EP has been mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege), one of the most renowned mastering engineers in the industry worldwide.

Refreshing as fuck to hear doom metal that doesn't bore me. There is definitely some Sabbath-love here, but so much more on the epic release. Vocally so many peaks with an almost Hole/RiotGrrl anger underpinning groovy and well-placed changes. Orbiter has all the buzzy riffs you could possibly want with lovely grunge/blues influences making this a standout in a field of dull clones. All four tracks were catchy and really stimulating. A total doom metal sonic inferno with pleasant song changes and almost psychedelic, yet shimmering guitar craftwork. Totally worthwhile and will be a big player in this genre.


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