Our Last Enemy interview with Oli by Mark J. Fantastic long form chat!.


Our Last Enemy interview with Oli by Mark J. Fantastic long form chat!.

 Interview with Oli, Our Last Enemy's singer.

I was lucky enough to chat with Oli for almost an hour. He is a genuine and super passionate music fan who was a joy to chat with. Their singer is a very chilled dude who is both knowledgeable and funny as hell. 

Among the many topics we discussed were:

-their guitarist Wade's recent injury and his road back to the live front

-the history of the band

-recording the 1st album in LA with an industrial legend

-their solid catalogue, including a wild remix album with very special guests

-their many famous band links including Fear Factory, The Amenta and The Berzerker

-the weird curse of the Industrial genre, which is often metal vs. dance, polarising takes on bands and their style etc

-varied musical influences of each band member

-comparison to the almighty band The Amenta etc

-how the recordings were split into two EP's

-some of the themes of both EP's and differences between the two EP's

-working with DW Norton
-track by track chat of the whole EP
-a special guest collab on this EP

-the creative process of the band

-how Oli first got into music and his journey through genres

-his vocal changes over time

-importance of artistic concepts and videos

-future plans for the band

-the recent Hex Design Video

-potential for the two EP's to one day be on vinyl

-Oli's quest for the band to feature in a video game and so much more

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