Give Up - Hope-To Those Who Wait album review by Mark J. FFO: Old school Hardcore like Terror, Death Before Dishonor etc


Give Up Hope-To Those Who Wait album review by  Mark J. FFO: Old school Hardcore like Terror, Death Before Dishonor etc


GIVE UP HOPE is the newest member of the 1054 roster !!! Yet another killer band from Boston these guys bring some heavy unrelenting Metal inspired Hardcore the way it should be done !!

"To Those Who Wait" is their debut album for 1054 Records to be released digitally on Sept 15th 2023 with a limited edition CD press to follow in the near future.

GIVE UP HOPE consists of Jared Boudakian guitars (ex Setback / When Reason Fails), Pat Azzola drums (ex Burden / Born From Demise) Yan Kearney bass (ex Setback) and Cam Newton vocals (ex Lost Sight)

Originally Formed in 2007 by Jared Boudakian and Pat Azzola. After spending several years playing and touring we went on hiatus for about 13 years. In late 2019 Jared and Pat started writing music for a new project. Not really sure where we wanted to go, we noticed we were still writing music the same way we did in 2007. We decided to revive the band name, write all new music and add all new members. We added Ryan on bass who played bass with Jared in a band in the early 2000s. And Cam who sang for Pat's older band Burden. It was only that when all the members were locked in, did we acquire our sound and vibe. Jared and Pat also play in another band, Cold Case BHC. Where Jared plays bass and Pat still plays drums.

Our influences include alot of thrash and crossover. Bands like Slayer, Testament, S.O.D, Anthrax, Madball, Shattered Realm, Full Blown Choas, Sepultura, Sick of it all, Comeback Kid, Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Terror, Recon, Judge, Death Before Dishonor, The Red Chord, Unearth, Biohazard, Nofx, Rancid, The Germs, C.O.A, Suicidal Tendencies, Mercyful Fate, Strife, Integrity, Blood For Blood.

We grew up in the 80's. We've seen the roots of hardcore evolve into what we all know and love today.

Hell yes, this Boston band is hard as nails and gives us long-term hardcore fans a blast from the past, whilst keeping it fresh and modern. This debut is solid and chunky as hell. Riffs, mad vocals and pure energy.

Restart is a perfect mix of old SOIA, Blood for Blood and/or Death before Dishonor, very nasty, with a deep groove and insanely heavy riffs. Short and in your face is a big theme across this killer release and Hatred of Doubt illustrates this so fucking clearly-plus it has heaps of Sworn Enemy vibes-so there is no way you can go wrong. Total old school hardcore that is full of bile and tension, a phat arse breakdown and brilliant guest vocals from the king, Bryan from Death before Dishonor-oh yes!!!.  Maybe is another flat-out face-punching classic that not only has a Terror meets Biohazard vibe and showcases how masterful this band is, but the song structure is also ripping, aggressive and surprisingly catchy as hell. 

Curmudgeon is a cracking song and mixes it up by slowly down the tempo and that intro is so heavy. The aggression, confidence and dynamic energy of this is brilliant. No pissing about with this band, just going straight for the throat. The band shows their skills as they can mix it up and be heavy as hell, even when they slow it down. The ending is very beatdown style as well, an absolute bonus.

Give Up Hope, (the track) is a wondrous example of varied pace, clever vocal and riff gymnastics and pounding drum/bass. Also the lyrics are far from the tough guy bullshit and this is in every song-sharp and purposeful and reflective lyrics. Also musically and vocally(the best vocal performance IMHO) reminds me of the brilliant NYHC band Most Precious Blood.

Two tracks left, and you are craving many more. Your Turn is a raging anthem and that main riff is insane. Loved the gang vocals on this vitriolic banger. As previously stated the band's relentless energy is a joy to behold and hear. And the dirty breakdown on this was explosive. A Pound of Sand is the cutting closer. So many qualities on every track, but I worshipped how deeply in sync the bass, drums and guitars were, like masterful and clever interplay.

All in all, a fast tempo and old-school hardcore classic that everyone needs.

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