ERIS & THE DISCIPLES Single/Video: URBAN COWBOY FFO: Dirty, sleazy blues- driven darkened beats and some PJ Harvey/Nick Cave greatness etc.


ERIS & THE DISCIPLES Single/Video: URBAN COWBOY FFO: Dirty, sleazy blues-driven darkened beats and some PJ Harvey/Nick Cave greatness etc.

We don't very often review singles or videos, but this one is right in our headspace. Eris & The Disciples are a grand force in raw blues meets dark beats/goth/industrial. And on the live front, these performers will sizzle and shape you in the gritty and naughty way you dream of. This track is a wild banger and the intentions are deep and well thought out.

Here is the fantastic bio of this inspired band/project:

Eris & The Disciples presents an industrial electronic project inspired by the Greek goddess; Eris. Eris performs an interactive experience delivering the truth and struggles of regaining sexuality and power post heartbreak and battle with fierce jealousy. Sounds throughout compositions are all developed from the process of creating samples through real instrumentation and collections of human-produced electronic patches. Eris is a world of destruction and explores the dark underworld re-birthing the true gothic elements of performance art.

Finally, an act that fully realises the intersection of art and music. Eris is the mysterious main puppeteer of this act with an ensemble of dancers, and performers that really amp up and make each gig an absolute event. 

What I adore about this single and the damn video is it reminds me of true artisans who mix up genres and make it unique, heartfelt and so engaging. The electronica contained on this track is tense, and foreboding and drips in sensual emotion-artists like Nick Cave and PJ Harvey have done this so well, subtle but so immorally dazzling. The main style is ironically almost raw blues meets slow post-punk, but phenomenally gothy; like in a dancey way. yes, that is distinctively unique and so powerful. 

It is punk-like, country/R'N'B, gothic and anything else it damn wants to be, AND I FUCKING LOVE THAT ABOUT THIS BAND. Original, unique and damn catchy.

This is the scorching spiel on the track by the artist:

The song URBAN COWBOY is written around the way different categories of how people represent themselves in the world. The song explores humour to the idea of a 'city cowboy' or in this instance 'urban cowboy.' The song is composed to cover all different groups of beings in the world, a fun way of twisting the modern trends and categories.

The track represents the disappointing ways that we within the industry have to be put into certain groups to be perceived as successful based on those who don’t see the people behind the scenes. “Welcome to the rodeo” invites us all to the beginning of a long journey of who can look the best who can be the best and what is going to be the best at the given time.

Urban Cowboy mentions a few different subcultures and people within their own communities. This lyric is a way to express that we are able to be inclusive, it is okay to be there and we don’t need to be within these boundaries of segregating ourselves from each other. Urban cowboy is a concept, not a person, it’s a play on the game and the struggle to succeed as an outsider and an artist.

Money, fame and fortune, failure success and hardship.

Urban Cowboy politely takes the Mickey out of people that may inauthentically place themselves into certain fad that then separates us all to who is better and more likely to succeed.

Eris & The Disciples are a group of incredibly diverse performers, although as individuals we don’t necessarily belong in any particular group in the world. Despite that, we all love each other and we all love our fans and that said, we love our urban cowboys, the track is real, and brave honest and humorous.

And the stunning video is almost a mini-movie, and gloriously brings all the visual imagery to make the track sing in black and white. I won't reveal the grim, carnal and voluptuous celebration of the brilliant themes as indicated in the sharp lyrics, JUST WATCH THE VIDEO ASAP. But it is fantastically glorious and a really classic video.

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