Desecrator-Summoning album review. FFO: Proper old school metal!!!.


Desecrator-Summoning album review. FFO: Proper old school metal!!!.

What a ragingly solid band that has been kicking it for ages, but very soon drop album number three. And Summoning is an absolute killer album and their finest record. 

We are well aware Desecrator is a band that is renowned for their amazing live shows and their dedication is clear by the track "Beg Steal or Borrow". Not only a metal classic tune, but it (like the whole album) places their flag or banner in the middle of the musical landscape and screams we fucking ain't here to fuck spiders.

This is a classic album that is very reminiscent of old school metal and does what it says on the label, and then some. Two things are evident. One, this is a raging, enjoyable fun ride of an album. Exceptionally produced, but not overproduced. It's very punchy, dynamic and rocks hard. Secondly, it is from start to end a release that showcases a band at the peak of their skills and is absolutely world-class. It takes the basics of thrash metal, but the key difference is every single track is remarkably well written in such a way that it is designed for impact and is instantly memorable. Even the greats produce albums with tracks that drop the torch, not on this sensational release. This is as memorable as the finest works of Exodus, Testament, Metallica etc.

And whilst this is not a nostalgic album, it is obviously influenced by the greats, but has a very original take on the genre and also an Aussie tangent to it all. 

The album is full of paced ripping thrash that grabs your attention immediately Summoning, Hate at First Sight and Manic promise you a fast-paced good time with the winning form of solid and frankly blistering riffs, hectic rhythms and staggering vocal genius. These tracks will destroy the moshpit and require paramedics on site.

Then you have the other tracks that add more magic and layers as well as highlighting how skilled the band is. This is evidenced in songs that are so much more than simple headbanging gems. The vocal delivery and guitar magic really shine on tracks like Belly of the Beast (love the intro-this is intelligent and is brooding and then turns into wild twists and turns), Wipe the Slate (lyrically and musically slayed me!!) and an utter classic is my fave A Light in the Dark. This particular track is incredible and whilst a much slower track, it is like the more resonating songs that drove you deeper into the metal genre. This is equal parts Iron Maiden and Dio and is one of the deepest and instantly memorable metal tracks I can recall in the last 20 years. These guys are equal part classic friendly pissed metal head and total musical artisans, no doubt. And then you have an overpowering Mortal Sin like conclusion to the album that is full of crushing and OMFG moments. Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Ëm has every essential piece of metal craftsmanship in it and has an enchanting tone underplayed by the hugest riffs on show. The Devil You Know is the final track and is nasty, unforgettable and one that you will have on repeat endlessly. Just listen to the song changes and the detailed work put in from the 2-minute mark. An absolute journey is an understatement. This song completely soars when played on quality headphones or speakers, and also underlines the fact that when a band fit or play together perfectly you can hear it, very fucking clearly. And this song contains so many intricate, yet significant changes, even if you just single out the bass and drums alone. These guys play together well and as a solid unit. What a song, what an album. This album absolutely blew me away and I already worshipped this band.

This album is self-released by the band, so show them props and they always have great merch to go with your musical choices.

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