The Owen Guns - Electric Boogaloo EP Review. FFO: Old school punk at its finest!!.


The Owen Guns - Electric Boogaloo EP Review. FFO: Old school punk at its finest!!.

Finally a straight-up punk band with no pretentious bullshit. I might be an old punk bastard, but I know what I like. Trends (and the same rules apply for hardcore and metal bands) hold very little sway compared to the greats of each genre and The Owen Guns play classic punk/hardcore that doesn't piss about. Many songs are definitely throwbacks to great bands like U.K. Subs, Stiff Little Fingers, Cocksparrer and Cockney Rejects, but also with the piss-taking wit of the Cosmic Psychos. I just wish I discovered this band before this EP because every track is dynamic, catchy and angry(yet sarcastic humour dominates!).

Ep2 Electric Boogaloo has seven tracks of angry punk glory including a surprisingly great Hard-Ons cover. There is a decent amount of savage hardcore riffs underpinning most tracks and it is one killer EP that builds on 2020's Violating Community Standards. Sick kicks proceedings off and is 1 min and 8 seconds of punk brilliance that crucified the fuckheads that lost their shit by hoarding toilet paper and the like. Classic opener indeed. Then shit gets even more hectic with the rip-roaring Expert in a Minor Threat Shirt that immediately tears you a new one with its epic guitar riffs, brilliant lyrics and solid as fuck song structure. These fuckers cram an absolute shit ton into every track. Then as you take a brief breath of air, these dirty punks obliterate you with the killer Out of Time which reminds me of peak sydney hardcore in the 90's that has everything from mad gang vocals to just sick harmonies and is catchy as hell. So three tracks in and this listener is absolutely convinced as hell that these fuckers are legit as hell and then they drop a classic Hard On's cover Just Being with You which they not only don't fuck up but make their own and it's sensational. Is This Punk drops next and aims its artillery at the internet knobheads who don't know shit about anything, let alone music. This is all killer, no filler like every track on this release (and their previous releases as well tbh) and these tracks are made for a drunken punk pub moshpit. Jim Sicoli's Dead is a 35-second rager of a track that focuses on pure pace and gusto and it's awesome. Everything's Fucked closes the EP and is the highlight of this release. I loved the vitriol of the track, the mad slowed bit moshy breakdown that turns into a total riff wig out and it makes me yearn to see these bastards play live, but in reference to the song title that depends when my hometown gets out of lockdown. 
This EP is sensational and now I hope the band releases a full album that builds on this awesome release.

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